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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

1 year anniversary!

So exactly one year ago I made this blog! I just want. To say a big thank you to all you guys! Without you I wouldn't be still posting but you made me believe.
So thank you for all you've done to help me! We've been through tough times with the anonymous but I think if you believe anything can happen! Again thank you! Wow over 19,000 views in one year 301 posts in one year! And even if I miss a day you guys never get mad:) You guys have sticked with me this whole time and I'm glad to be a blogger about worlds bestest game ANIMALJAM. I hope we have another good year of this blog! Thank you for all you've done! Thank you. 


  1. Woo HOO! Happy anniversary, Legendary Palooza! And CONGRATS!!! I love this blog, and if you have a party sometime, you can COUNT ME IN!

    1. Party this weekend at 3:00 pm AJ time! Thanks so much you guys!


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