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Monday, March 30, 2015


Hey jammers!
Sorry for the 3 hrs late post. I was cutting out stamps. Then I did something on here. Then it was supper then I had to sweep the floors. And now im here!
Woohooo! Something fun is starting today I will let you know what it is at the end of the post.
So today we have the rare rhino helmet sold in jam mart clothing for 750 gems!
(now im waiting for aj to load...)
Hurry up aj hurry up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its been like exactly 5 mins aj. Clicks reload
SIGHs, willl I ever get to make a post today?
This horn helmet is nice but the horns should be like dark blue with the light blue on top.
Now that would be nice. Or it could look like a real rhino now that would be cool!

Rim redo
I know it looks ugly but i think the horns should be changed and look more rhino.

Mysterious monday mystery
I am really sorry but I forget what last weeks monday mystery was.
So today you shall like usual comment down the exact location of these flowers for a chance to win a prize!

Mini challenge
Ok so todays mini challenge gives you something to do while you wait for aj to load.
Count how many times the earth spins aroun while you wait for aj to load.
When you finish comment below!

AJLP's 2015 easter egg hunt!
You guessed it right!
We will be having an easter egg hunt on here for this week only so 7 days.
Today I have placed an egg somewhere on this blog for you to find.
One day this week im not gonna say which but you will be able to find a bunny.
I hope you can find today's egg. Please don't tell anyone where the egg is or it will ruin the fun:(
Hope you have a great day!
See ya later

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