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Tuesday, March 3, 2015


Hey jammers!
Todays new/returning item in stock is the clover cape.
This green cape with clovers can be sold in bahari bargins for only 450 gems!
This is a nice item incase you wanna be superhero. 
But the clover doesn't really look like a clover if you think about it.
Kinda looks like a bird. Don't judge.
Clothing tips
How to be a supermodel.
No just kidding you cant be a super modlel on aj.
Actually. Thats actually a great idea!
Ok so here are some clothing tips you can use if you wanna be a supermodel hehe.
1. Always colour cordinate
2. Make the items you use look cool together
3. Say your animal is a dark shade. Try to make your clothes on your animal a light shade
4. Or if you want just for fun don't listen to these ideas but MAKE IT UNIQUE 
Now time for a photo shoot

First up
Princess cottonlily
Omg this looks so bizarre. 
Now each animal gets 3 pictures each and there is only 3 animals today ready to photoshoot.
Aww poor horsey she doesn't wanna show her face:(
Woo hoo!
Second up...
Teensy frillybuddy
One hand out to wave. Awww hi teensy!
Waves back
Im a wee little ball of squish.
I can't fly:( WAaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!
Last up...
Fuzzy cleverjoy
Shes ready to fight back by punching her way through fun!
She likes to hide her face :(
Sniff time!
Vote which animal you think will win. The animal that gets voted the most  wins!
Thats all for today jammers!
This post was probably boring though.
See ya around!
- violet


  1. I like Princess Cottonlily the best. :P

  2. Best model pose= Princess Cottonlily!

  3. Hi guys I miss u so much

    p.s. nice stuff with the blog ugg i cvant visit much cause of homework :(


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