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Monday, February 16, 2015

Hearts gonna be happy!

Hey jammers!
Yesterday well it's a long story how I met CAMI but I met cami and I tried to buddy her and I asked her why she wouldn't buddy me and she said it was because I make people sad:( I was like what?! I thought you were nice?
Anyways lets get on topic again! 
Today's rare item Monday is the rare heart blanket sold in jam mart clothing for 750 gems!!!!
What that's very over priced for recoloured item!
I have to admit the colours look very nice together very pastel like. The white and light pink look super nice and the light yellow hearts is what makes it look super pastel!
Rare item Monday redo!
Here is my redo even though I don't think one was really needed but oh well!
See I know it sucks but eh. Valentine's Day has passed so why should it matter?
Violet's drawing
Ok so I know this looks weird but hey. 

Voila! Violets fail drawing hehe! 
Isn't it just so fab? I mean like isn't it though?
Ikr! Thank you thank you! *Boas* 
Mysterious Monday mystery

It's a bit different this week but. Here is how it will work. This is probably easy but...
Where do you think this animal is located? 
And for extra marks what animal do you think this is?

Oopsy I didn't get daily explorer pics yet:O!!!!!!!!!!!!
Better go get some...
Daily explorer

To be honest I'm not really a fan of the DE. 
It's just the posts are so short and they have way to much punctuation and expression. 
So YA! The kangaroo looks super cute though:).

So today I'm going skating except I have these creepy looking skates cause they are super pink and they have a bunch of flowers on them I would use hockey skates except there's none that fit me because there to big and there is one pair that basically fits me except it feels a bit loose so YA. And then I might be seeing a movie today! And I got this blogging app except it's not the full version so I can't post from it I can only do a draft version:( And there's this blogging app I really want except it costs 6 dollars! Whcih is way to expensive.
So ya that's all for today!
See YA around jamaa!

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