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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

The heart eye patch

Hey jammers!
Today we have the returning heart eyepatch sold in bahari bargins. 
This can be sold for 250 gems!
I think its a great idea though most jammers don't wear eye patches. And some of the colours are dull which is great if you wanna be a PIRATE!
*Hello there!* 
*Hi im a pirate*
*Me too*
*Thats nice*
*I have to go now odd one*
*Bye pirate*
*bye floppy dog*
*What floppy dog?*
*I said nothing*

Outfit of the week
I actually made this outfit in the summer!
But I thought since valentine's day is coming up why not use this idea! I mean theres a ton of pink and valentines day has its own colours. Pink, red, purple, white. 
So the items that it uses.
Pink pigtails
Half heart necklace
Woven shoes
If you want it can be an colour you want or if you want you can change it up!

Jamaa news
Remember when I said that Jamaa news would replace epic dens cause no one ever sends in EPIC DENS! So when people start to send in epic dens I will actually change it back and restart the epic dens list!
Hmm I don't know whats going on in jamaa.
Is it me or is it odd that these 2 arctic wolves have the same outfit basically?
Pink arctic wolf:
Glasses, pink spike collar, pink spike wristband, pink worn, different animal design
Blue arctic wolf: 
Fox hat, purple collar, purple wristband, purple worn.

Remember my goals?
Oh oh ya! I have to do DE! I almost forgot silly me!

Daily explorer
Learn how big can seastars get by reading here or on the actual site!
Thats all for today jammers!


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