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Thursday, December 4, 2014

Signing up the journal

Hey jammers!
I am super duper sorry for not posting for a few days its just my sister is in highschool this year and she doesn't have a laptop yet so she has to use my moms which decreases the chances for me to blog :(
Today was the update day so here it is...
But first todays new item!
Today we have the jamaaliday tree returning and as usual a nonmember item. This item can be sold in jam mart furniture for 600 gems.
I really like this item though i wish it was nonmember. Nonmembers cant have their own christmas tree!
Yay jamaalidays are here! I can't wait for christmas can't you?
And the gingerbread house is back and sold in the diamond shop:(
OOOOOhhh a new game? Sounds fun :) 
Jamaaliday jam is now back and so are pet reindeer!
Yay I just love this years advent calendar and members get so many diamonds in it to which I think was a great idea though.
And lastly the usual advertisement at the end of each jamaa journal...
Todays new item in the advent calendar is...
These are also returning but I still like them and members also get a diamond today too!
Daily explorer

Jammer of the month sign ups!
Yes I do realize that I didn't change jammer of the month for november because I completely forgot :()
So now you can sign up :)
Comment your username?
Why you wanna be jammer of the month?
Have you been jammer of the month before?
Thats all!

Also I am almost done editing this blog for christmas look! So ya:)
Thats all for today jammers! See ya in jamaa!


  1. The snowman for the blog background is adorable! •o•

  2. Violet, I won't have time to see you again before I quit. And remember when you did my fur for me at the salon? Well, I forgot to pay you. So, I gave the pay to Tig and I asked her to send them to you. It's actually more of a gift for being such a great friend. It's a good-bye gift. You were a great friend. Thanks for everything! :)

    1. But ca? Will you come visit? Please keep commenting on here and viewing it be super sad to see a great friend like you to leave :'( it was nice knowing you I guess this is good bye! THO I thoguht u were quitting after the jamaalodays!

    2. Yes, I will still comment often! I decided to quit AJ earlier. Also because of my parents actually want me to quit. :( I'm just quitting AJ. I'll still comment on blogs. :)

    3. So wait. I knew ca said that he's leaving some time in December. So he has to leave early, is that it? And ca, you're still going to continue to comment on blogs, right? That makes the idea if you leaving not as bad. I think. And tbh, I just mainly go on AJ to create posts. So ya.

    4. Yes, I'm still going to comment on blogs. Maybe a bit less, but I will still comment. And yes, I have to leave early.

  3. Awesome new winter theme! I'd like to be Jammer of the Month!!
    I would like to be the Jammer of the Month because I have been feeling sorta down lately.... I just think it would be a great confidence boost! :)
    I have been the Jammer of the Month on Naffy's Blog, (AJW this month) but not on yours! So, nope!

    *flips hair* I'm so fab, I'm SURE to me the Jammer of the Month! ;) .... xD Just kidding! :P
    -The one and only CARROT!!! xxx

  4. ✘ Username: 2fangwolf
    ✘ Reason: Why wouldn't I want to be? I love being featured on awesome blogs like yours and it's a good reminder to myself that I always have little reasons to smile.
    ✘ Have I been featured before: I've never been featured as Jammer of the Month (on this blog)

  5. Violet, I saw your comment on the Animal Jam Whip about Mod Gulo saying your racist.. I don't why they said that but maybe this has to do something with it:

    Read the post and maybe you'll understand... And also, they have issues... They have anxiety disorders and depression and other stuff. Maybe they just lost their temper and maybe they see things differently than we do. Look here:
    Maybe you should just understand them more... And telling them to kill themselves is wrong. Please, just forgive them..

    1. Well, think of everything they said. All the lies. All the insults. They deserved it, Anon.

    2. @ Anon:

      Yeah, I understand what you're trying to say. I read the posts on the ajhackersandscammers blog. About all that stuff. And I think that, too. That's what I was trying to say on AJW. But my comment got deleted afterwards or something. idk whatever. (Please don't hate me- just my opinion here). After reading all the posts and comments, the only true insult that I see and understand is of the OMG incident and when he/she exaggerated on it. No, I don't agree with what he/she completely said in their posts, but I think I kinda understand the reason behind it all.

    3. No person deserves to be told to kill themselves! Do you freaking realize what your saying?! They deserved nothing like this. They've been through so much and you say that they deserve it?! I'm so glad you quit. If only you stopped commenting. And imagine if someone told YOU to kill yourself and getting a bunch of death threats? Would you like that? NO! So next time think before you speak ca1412.

    4. Please don't too aggressive. I'm sorry if I offended you. Even though we don't agree with each other, let's just keep cool, okay? :)

    5. ... What you said made no sense. Saying that they deserved to be Insulted and being told to kill themselves?! What the heck! And you did offended me. And I might never completely forgive you for saying that. It made no sense whatsoever.

  6. And also, I think when they meant your racist is that those words are racist to people that have disabilities. So that's kinda racist to them...

    1. I think that those words are just found offensive to say, to them. (But I don't really get why, since they swear.)

      And I think they meant that they believes non- Native Americans (Indians- 1st people to live in America) who wear headdresses (symbol for the tribe chieftain/leader) are offending their culture and being 'racist'. Even if it's just on an online game.

    2. It doesn't matter. It's still being kinda racist. Read this post:

  7. Hi vileot I am here to sign up for the jammer of the month!
    Reason: I have been feeling left out at school and I think if I was jammer of the month I would feel more fit In even though it's not a school! And I would have another reason to smile!
    I have never been jammer of the month on any blog! If I were jammer of the month that would be enough of a Christmas present! Thanks!


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