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Saturday, December 13, 2014


Hey jammers! I just typed out a whole post and blogger didn't save it! How nice of them!!!!!!!!!!!!
So todays new item is the Pinecornz necklace sold in jam mart clothing for 450gems.
I really think this is a great necklace with a ton of details for nonmembers!
I really like this item so much!

Daily explorer...
A ton of super cool print outs.
Have you seen the new homescreen yet? Well here it is now! I really like it a lot.
The old one was getting super boring they need to change like every few months for the season.
I also think this one is more attractive than the other one too.

Here is the link to the party invite hopefully it works if not you can just scroll down and see the invite!

Hope you can make it cause it's tomorrow:) Just saying I won't be surprised if anyone doesn't come cause no one ever comes to my parties...

- violet

1 comment:

  1. I really like the new animaljam homepage too! And I think I might be able to come to your party!
    -bunnyllover :) :p


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