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Sunday, December 28, 2014


Hey jammers! Sorry for the lack of posting! It's the holidays and we need to enjoy so that's really want hat I've been doing and I simply don't have time to play Aj and post on holidays! It's more important to enjoy! So yup! I'm gonna do a quick review of all the items I missed well in the jam mart furniture but first with today's new gift! 
Omg dis snowman fridge is ssoooooooooooooooooo cute and when you put it in your den its even huger!!!! Eeeeeeekkkkkkk!!!!! It just wants a hug!
Why do I use so many exclamation marks? I think that exclamation marks are awesome except when you use them way to much...
So here's the items I have missed....
Lovely one whole page almost of nonmember items! I especially like the light of reindeer.
Almost one whole page of nonmember items again yay! I like the different types of lights they have this year!
Wow these items are just so awesome! Look how great they are? 
And here's the latest page :). WOW SO MANY AWESOME ITEMS THIS YEAR! They better return back next year because I have to buy all of these items! Which will come too....
Idk! Most likely between 3000 - 5000! Wow that's a lot of gems! Heeeyy maybe AJHQ will put all items on sale! Yipeeeeeeeeeeee! 
And now for the DAILY EXPLORER post....
Dis author needs to know dat. You can't make a good post with using to many !!!!!!!! Marks:) Unless your like a super energetic cray cray person like me! And I even use periods and question marks too!
Well that basically ends the post for today! Also im gonna be trying to make morning posts this week on my iPad using the app for blogger to make sure everyone is happy!
Also look at this interesting picture.
Ouch! Only 7 gems is what I have :( Well ️Chao JAMMERS! 

See YA tomorrow!

- Violet 


  1. I'm quitting aj
    I have a few family matters to clear up.
    I will still visit the blog though

    I will be doing a few givaways

    p.s. givaway new item post

    1. *givaway next new item post*

    2. give me the link to the post

    3. Awwwww:'( It was nice knowing you! I hope you can come back to visit JAMAA one day! Thanks for being the great friend that you were :) Well I will see you soon...


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