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Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy fruit!

Hey jammers!
Todays new item is the fruit bowl sold in jam mart furniture for 150 gems! Wow super cheap!
I love how it is nonmember! A another great returning item to jamaa that is super cheap to every should be able to afford this!

Shout outs
Todays shout out goes to cloudclaws from the animal jam river.
Even though she isnt my buddy on aj. She is still a great blogger buddy. She is nice and likes to make signatures. She made me this recent signature which I love. Thanks for being a great jammer cloud claws! 

Daily explorer
Is it more did those pictures on the post seem super blurry? Blurrier than usual?
Lastly with trivia...
Trivia thursday
Tell me everything you know about a blobfish in the comments I can't wait to see your replys!
I will show a picture of the blob fish right here in case you don't know what one is :)

Thats all for today jammers!


  1. Some weird thing with a big nose?? Idk, LOL.

  2. Yes! Do you read Cutepup's blog? If you do, you should know that blobfish are the most epical swag creatures on earth! You probably don't know what I am talking about. XD Maybe you do. Just read Cutepup's blog if you don't know what I am talking about. Her blog is great!

    1. *adjusts glasses*

      Omgggg is that who I think it is?!?!???? It IS!!!!! Rob the Blobfish (aka Bob the Blobfish's evil brother that suddenly turned evil because Bob fell down a random cliff due to the epical swag battle and then he suddenly flew to safety)!!!!! <3

      Them blobfish is so swag.

  3. Yep the bowl is really cheap! Hey did you hear what the wooly scarf said to the fuzzy hat???
    You go on a HEAD while HANG AROUND!! ;p
    For the blob fish, well to be honest I have never heard about it in my life!? BUt I'm guessing it's the ugliest thing in the world and it's rare species of fish that is part jello and part squid ward! (Squid ward is a character from sponge bob square pants I show I used to watch!)
    Ps I like this kind of trivia! It's fun!

    1. Blobfish. Squidward.

      Ah, I see the resemblances. They're like twins! ;3

      Lol :P

      Me too. X3

  4. Time for me to be all like smart about blobfishies. :3

    The scientific name for blobfish is Psychrolutes marcidus.

    The blobfish is voted one of the world's ugliest animals.

    Google is very convenient at times. (Only for the 1st fact though; I knew the 2nd fact already). O3O


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