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Friday, November 21, 2014

Fruits and vegetables!

Hey jammers!
Today we have 2 new items which are the fruit basket and the vegetable basket sold in jam mart furniture for 400 each!
I think these baskets are an amazing touch to jamaa! They are super jamaasian and it gives jammers something to eat for once instead of going to sarepia forest to catch :)

Violets drawing
Today I drew a snowflake for you guys!

Jamaa news
I have a ton of jamaa news for ya guys!
So first off when you go to the map there is this the den logo. Once you click it, it brings you to your den I thought this was a creative idea!
And thats really all I have so far lol!

Blog news
So about that stupid swearing anonymous guy well I have changed the commenting system and deleted all those swearing words so if you see him swear just ignore instead of get super mad cause your just waisting your time since he wont listen he just wants attention. I repeat just ignore if you keep screaming thats not gonna help the matter:) Also to coolpapa that was super nice of your comment....

You might be wondering about belle the rhino.
The truth is I don't have any ideas for it. 
So if you have any ideas for it please comment down below I would love to hear from jammers!

The fashion show...
Well no one really entered so I dont know what to do with it so if you have any ideas please comment below.

Also I know I said I would post the winners of the giveway and contest this week but I havent had much time so ya!

Bye jammers!


  1. Replies
    1. Seriously Anon? How would you like if somebody called you that?! All of us ask you to stop please.

    2. Go kill yourself bitch

    3. Anonymous,
      What are you trying to accomplish by swearing? Nothing good will come from it.

    4. Guys, like Violet says, ignore him. He just wants us to get upset. He wants us to be annoyed. His purpose is to make us angry and sad. So just pretend he isn't here. Ok?

  2. Violet I didn't mean it like that u know that

  3. Don't worry, Violet. Anonymous just hasn't matured, yet. After a while, they will tire themselves out. Keep up the great work, Violet!


    1. Hi Scooter! I noticed your a member again. :) And I haven't mentioned that I noticed your favourite colour (I'm Canadian, so excuse me if anyone reading this is American) Is blue.


      P.S. Maybe you could do "Best Den" Contest every month, Violet

  4. I like that snowflake drawing! ^.^

    And for Belle the Rhino.. How about an issue explaining how Mr. Splat became such an epical teacher. X3 (I know I said this before; I just really want to know.).


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