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Monday, November 10, 2014


Hey jammers!
Sorry for not posting this weekend :( I just needed a break from blogging and I feel much better now sometimes on weekends I won't post because I need a break :) 
Anyways todays new item is the rare knitted sweater sold in jam mart furniture for 975 gems!!
Wow way way way over priced literally who is gonna pay 975 for every rare item monday?
But it is getting colder since its fall so it is due for a sweater and how come like all the rare item mondays are light blue?

Rare item monday redo
Hehehe it should be different colours like 2 or 3 colours :)

Violets drawing

This is suppose to be an arctic wolf it didnt really turn out that good though oh well

Mysterious monday mystery
This weeks  is a bit different where is this picture taken a den or an adventure?

Daily explorer

Thats all for today jammers!
See ya in jamaa
- violet


  1. I think the photo is from the volcano den


    P.S. I think you should stop the run-on sentences, Violet. It really makes jammers a bit weird sometimes

  2. Hello! I missed you over the weekend :( anyway I don't think today's rare is my favourite... Anyway for the mysterious Monday I think the photo is from the volcano den. To be accurate it's taken near the top of the den. By the top right/middle part of the volcano. Anyway gotta go bye!

  3. Pawsome post! I think the RIM is way overpriced. 975 gems for a sweater? :/

  4. Either the volcano den or its from the search for greely

  5. Volcano den at the edge of the lava.


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