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Friday, October 3, 2014

Returning notp items

Hey jammers! 
I have decided now to do jamaa news first with whats going on in jamaa before the daily stuff we do on this blog. Does this idea sound good or bad? This might mean less daily things but it depends I haven't really decided yet.
So starting off with the new items like usual
There are quite a few so lets begin!

The creature mask is the returning item from last year and many years before. This mask is super scary incase you just wanna bug your buddies. HAHAHA Maybe on halloween you could dress up as a creature like this one? This is also 300 gems as you can see

We now have returning web carpet and returning bat wallpaper for 250 gems.
I don't really use wallpaper and carpets I think its more natural for dens to have no wallpaper
The giant phantom is so big and scary. Doesnt it just give you the creeps???
But its so fat and big and squishy lol
Aww these claws are the cutest things ever I love these but unfortunatly I usually don't bother to get them :)
Now we are done with all these items!

Jamaa updates
We have a couple of jamaa updates everyday stay tuned for what you dont know whats going on in jamaa!!!!
So the panda mini book arrived yesterday its being very glitchy for me so I am just gonna borrow pictures from a few blogs :)
Image from aj spirit
All about giant pandas. I saw er shun and da mao in the summer they were so cute but all they did was sleep lol:(

image from aj river

image from aj river
This panda is so happy look at that smile :) See I can smile too! :):):):):):):):):)
Note: These images are gifs from aj river though I took a screen shot of them 

Friendship friday
A tip on how to be a great friend!
1. Be nice
2. Act like you wanna be the jammers friend
3. Be yourself
4. Don't say anything that could hurt there feelings 
Those are just a few tips

There probably wont be a JSD update today sorry :( 
Violets drawing

Daily explorer
There was 2 de posts today but i decided to show this one instead!

Jammer of the month sign ups
This sign up must require all the info below which is...

You have today to enter!
note: If no entrys then another day to sign up thanks!

I was gonna do belle the rhino today but I think I will do it either this weekend or on monday chao jammers!

Lol to lazy to do signature 


  1. Username:coolpapa70232
    reason:This blog is like my new Animal Jam Sky Blog so I wanna be JOTM it would mean a lot to me I mean the exact thing i did when i won it there I LOVE THIS BLOG SO PLZ MAKE ME JOTM

  2. User: Pengy01
    Reason: I enjoy all your personalities...with expression! Lol, your a lot like me ^ , ^

  3. Username: bunnyllover
    Status: member
    Reason: I have never been JOTM. Not even of the animaljam sky blog! I really love this blog! Not a lot of blogs have a plushie comic seris either! So I come to look at this blog everyday to see the posts and the check to see if you did belle the rhino! And your blog is also really helpful!
    -bunnyllover who has never won JOTM!
    Ps great post by the way

  4. Username: ca1412
    Reason: I have never been JOTM on any blog, so I want to know what it is like. I enjoy your blog very much, it has been one of a few blogs that have humor, silliness, and and fun in it's posts! Also, when the Scooter quit, I had no blog to go to. Then I found out this blog, and it has been like the AJSB to me, full of helpful facts, tips, and much more about AJ. :)


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