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Friday, October 17, 2014

Monstrous mobile

 Hey jammers!
Todays newest item is sold in jam mart clothing for 550 gems!
This hair looks very different I'd say. I thought this item would be a bit just a bit more scary but you could easily make a great costume out of this. It would be like...
Hair for the head, skeleton suit for the body, and for the legs elf bracelets and for the talk elf tail armour. 
I should actually try that out soon LOL!
Friendship friday
Since I didn't do the shout outs on wednesday so since missdarlingjammer is my friend I decided to do a shout out!
Miss is a very great friend. She is willing to give anything she is doing to do anything with me :)
Thanks for being a great friend
Cya in jamaa missdarling jammer!

Actually its not really a post on it will it will be soon lol!
But if you would like to be an author on jamaa's scacker destination heres how...
1st go to the link ajjsd.blogspot.com

You will see the tab Join the team. Click that and it will bring you to this.

All you have to do is answer these questions in an email and if you don't have an email then comment it below.

Violet's drawing

Today I drew rainbow because I was in a rainbow mood. 
What mood are you in today?

Daily explorer

Wow Aj has been making a lot of these lately. They probably just noticed how many hackers and scammers there are. I don't think posting about it would help. Maybe actually suspending a jammer for a day or 2 would help them learn there lesson. But posts might actually help!

I have some great news for you jammers!
1. akachip from the animaljam spirit said that the aj mobile app is due this month which means it has to come out this month:) Yipee! And since there was a mini update last week he said next weeks update will be even bigger which means bigger is better and biggger mean  MOBILE APP!!!! WOO HOO!
2. I think fridays are a great day to do belle the rhino:) So I try to do it every friday and if not every friday it will be every other friday or just mixed up:)

New belle the rhino issue is about to be made! Yay after so many weeks of waiting with a guest star with this weeks issue and next weeks issue.

Thats all for today jammers
Cya in jamaa!

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