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Thursday, October 30, 2014

halllloween vamp

Hey jammers!
Sorry for not posting yesterday I didn't feel like posting :( And sorry for the late post today I was carving my pumpkin
Todays new item is the vampire mask sold in jam mart clothing for 400 gems!
I love how it has a bat floating above it and blood dripping from its mouth.
Shout outs

Todays shout out goes to tig47498
Tig is a very great friend she is nice and if I have a problem in life she is a great friend to know and she is very funny;)
Thanks for being a great friend tiggy tigz

Daily explorer

What does the fox say?


Thanks for reading we are almost at 10000 pageviews thanks for viewing this blog daily :)
Bye jammers see ya in jamaa!

Comment: What are you being for halloween?



  1. I'm being a husky.I love huskies... huskies... I should kick the habit about ranting. Maybe it's why I'm so good at learning things about tv shows I've never seen before in 1 days. Then I end up being hooked on the show...

  2. Violet I still haven't got my prize for the Mystery Monday DD:

  3. I'm being a pirate this year! What aRR you being this year?
    Anyway for the trivia I was think the what does the fox say song.'so I was like maybe it's this..... But I think I'll just say that a fox bArks!
    See you later and happy Halloween

    1. YOU DID IT!!!!! 10, 000 pageviews!!!! Throws glitter cupcakes every where!! Now it's time for chocolate/vanilla/strawberry cake!!
      Great job VIOLET!!!!!
      eats some many passes out!..


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