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Sunday, October 5, 2014

Art winners and new items

                  Hey jammers! Today there is a ton of new items! So lets see whag they are..
                            Here we have some ghost sold in jam mart furniture for 300 gems!
 Ghosts are super super super scary i mean look how scary they are? With they're big bold eyes. Lol
                                                         Moving onto the next item...
                           nA bat balloon! Aww its so cute with the big red eyes and the little fangs. 
                                        This item is sold in jam mart clothing for 350 Gems. 
I                                         I am wondering who died here?Looks like a bat did...                                            This item is sold in kimbara outbacks for 250 gems quite cheap actually for a tomb stone.
                                                          Sorry this image is sideways :(                                                           I                         I forget where this is sold lol but its 750 gems and its an underwater items.
                                               Last item is sold in bahari bargins for 300 gems.                                                                              Is it me or does it seem like animaljam is putting all night of the phantoms items in the 300 gems zone?
                                Well now we are done with the items we can get to other things! 
Remember the contest that i had? That kept running and running and running well i have decided to end thwt contest and well problem is pink quit which was one of the entries casandra quit which was another and fang didnt so i guess ill jist send you guys a homemade drawing or something :) 
Here are they re entries...

                                                                This is fangs entry
                                                            This is Casandras entry

                                                                  and pinks entry
                       So ya you all win imknow it went in 1,2,3 place but i decided to change it.
                                                 Jammer of the month winner is Ca! 
I.                              I really enjoyed your reason jt made me smile when i read it:)

                                                          Well that's for today chao!


  1. Congrats, ca!

    (XD that's also the other nickname I give you- ca. lol)

    And pawsome entries too. So cute and friendly! :D

    1. @Violet Thank you, Violet! I have never been JOTM before, so this is my first time. It makes me feel so happy!
      @Cutepups Thank you, I like the nickname. Almost everybody calls me ca. XD

  2. Wow, those entries are really good.
    Hey violet I was wondering if you'd like to post for my new blog? AJNMM


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