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Thursday, September 18, 2014

planter journal

Hey jammers!
Today is update day! So lets get chatting about the newest update!
With the arriving monkeys! Welcome back monkeys your so cute! Look at the right column look at all the stuff in this journal! Lets find out more

Yay a new game cant wait to play this awesome game!

The pandas will be back in the next issue! Can't you wait? I know I can't
And a new video looks like the panda has best friend thats a pet aww so cute

Head to the conversation museum and look night of the phantoms is coming I love playing there phantom game 

Todays newest item is the wheelbarrow planter sold in treetop gardens
This item looks super beautiful! Though flowers are more for spring :( I like the flowers in it adds a nice touch! And very natureable too

Daily explorer

Shout outs
Todays shout out goes to 

Your always a great friend and I love it when the lion trys to eat you we have so much fun trying to run  away from that nasty lion and I just wanted to say thanks for always being there for me!

And lastly with a trivia

What is a beta?


  1. hi violet! i decided that i will join this blog and i will comment here once in a while to! i really liked the new video on the daily explorer!
    for the trivia:
    a beta is something that was part of the beta testing period in september 2010
    today beta's are still around, but you can't buy them in stores anymore. and they are not the same thing as rares!

  2. RM is a girl? I always thought RM was a boy! XD Seriously, I thought so-until I saw Violet's shout out.

  3. Lol you thought I was a boy o3o Lovely :D 0And tahnks Vi! Your a great friend too.



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