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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Tiki calendar

                                                              Hey jammers!
                  The newest item in jamaa today is the tall tiki table sold in jam mart furniture!
                                                               Price: 400.    
                                                               Looks: 9/10
                                                               Popularity: 60/100
                                                               Altogether: 69/100
                                    I   love this item but I think it's a bit to tall for a chair....
                                                                      Epic den!
              Today's epic den goes to pink! I just love how you have so many couchs it's a great idea!
      In the calendar it says what do your think the new animal will be and it says it's coming tomorrow
                    Question is do you think otters will come out tomorrow or the post after tomorrow?
                                                          Comment what you think?
    Sorry for such alate jammer of the month this month but the jammer will be announced tomorrow! 
     Also a thank you to fang! Who redit the blog template yesterday thanks so much fang! I hope many              
                                                            Jammers like it as much as I do!



  1. Aww thanks!!! c:

    I agree, the template is awesome! :DD

    I think the otters might come on Thursday, because that's the usual update day. owo

  2. Awh thanks ^-^ it was an honor to help lol


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