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Sunday, August 31, 2014

I'm gonna fight phantoms with the brand new returning back pack!

Hey jammers! Today's new returning item is the back pack sold in jam mart clothing
Price: 400
Fashion: 7/10
Popularity: 80/100 
Altogether: 87/100
The backpack came back to jamaa for a perfect time cause school is begining this week for me!

Daily explorer

This week is a cheat for phantom fighter kind of? 

Well sorry for the short post today jammers! Jammer of the month will be announced tomorrow!

- violet


  1. I don't like the phantom fighter fighter game that much.. The back pack is good for me cause I will be back at school from tomorrow!

  2. Violet, sorry about the trading. My computer was lagging and me and my sister were having a little argument. XD Once again, I am sorry. We can trade whenever you and I get on. And also, I'm sorry but I have three mech angel wings. Also, I am not really sure what I want for my black worn. I'm trying to get tan carpet or wood floor. I know that a black worn is not worth any of those items, but I would trade almost anything for on of those items. -ca1412

  3. Why is there a .00 in the back pack price?


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