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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Fan please! Im to hot:(

Hey jammers!
Todays newest item is the plant fan sold in treetop gardens
Price: 400
Looks: 10/10
Popularity: 89/100
Altogether: 99/100
This item is so awesome! I just love the way it looks and everything:)
Outfit of the week

Moustache: 450
headphones; 2,500
Nm bow: jamaaliday gift
Aj wristband: 300
Altogether: 3,250
Wonder time!
In sarepia forest there is 2 pictures one of sir gilbert and one of a shadow
the shadow looks like graham but it might not be...

What could these pictures mean?
Could it mean that sir gilbert was famous?
Whos in the shadow?
Could it mean that this was a picture before jamaa came to be?
Share your thoughts in the comments below

And lastly I leave you with a daily explorer post
In todays daily explorer post they have the otter video from the jamaa journal right now this post leaves us with a question for the day?
Do you think otters will be for members? Or nonmembers?
If they are in the diamond shop im gonna SCREAM!!!!!


  1. I sure hope they're nm. Or at least not sold in the diamond shop!

  2. Unfortunately they ARE in the diamond shop.


  3. Aww thank you for making me Jammer of the month Vi <3 sooo sweets lol


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