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Monday, July 28, 2014

eye spy with one eye?

Hey jammers! 
Sorry for not posting for the last few days i was busy on saturday and friday so i didn't get a chance to pos:( I was gonna post yesterday but I had a realy bad head ake and aj was taking forever to load too
Anyways im not gonna be posting the items that I missed anymore it takes to long cause im a couch potato:)
So todays new item is a rare eye patch(arrrgggg im a pirate!!)
Price: 750
Fashion: 5/10
Popularity: 40/100
Altogether: 52/100
I think the rare is a tiny bit expensive considering its an eyepatch:(
I don't like the rare item mondays lately

Daily explorer
It looks so perfect on that bunny

Mysterious monday mystery
Comment the exact location for a surprise...
Quick hint: C              P

I  have a problem I have this much gems but i dont know what to spend it on comment your ideas

Well I'm kind of mad at myself right now I cant find the perfect template for this blog( sighs)
Hopefully I can find it soon

Well thats all for today jammers

I can't get the new sig properly :(

Ill just have to use my old one for today:(


  1. Umm is the location the "Crystal Palce?"

  2. Good luck finding a nice template! Pink200330 makes some of her own, you should ask her!

  3. Sure I will ask her and X-ray you will find out thanks for guessing!

  4. Help the endangered animals with the gems :D (I have 200,000 gems XD it would take too long!)


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