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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

drawing chair

Hey jammers!
Todays an earlier post yay!
The newest item in jamaa is a circular chair sold in jam mart furniture
LOOKS: 9/10
POPULARITY: 70/100 I haven't seen many people with this in there den btu thats because I think they haven't seen it yet but It will probably get really popular!
This item gets 79/100 which is great compared to yesterdays!
I have to admit though the chair looks a bit to humany:(

Daily explorer!
Todays creature feature is on carnivorous plants read it here or check it out at the daily explorer!

 I wonder when they will announce the winner to the design your own assessory contest? Maybe the winner will be announced this thursday?

Epic den of 2 weeks!!!
Todays epic den goes to camdynlovesturtles den! 
I know your my friend but I love the all the elephants!
This will be named as ELEPHANT CLAN!! So many elephants!

Iv'e been thinking about this for the past few weeks and I think I might be drawing animals for people just animal jam animals I don't think peoples animals for now because Ive really only been doing bunnies so far but because I might be doing them on the animal jam paint thing or my iPad soon but I don't know if I can take a picture of the paper if I hand drew them( im better at and drawng then computer drawing:( )  So this is a bunny a drew I hope you guys like it! Not one of my best but its ok?

Any ways just a few reminders!
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* Send an epic den find more about on the left hand side of the blog
* And look at some tabs to see if there interesting!


  1. :D That is a great drawing of a bunny Violet I knew you were good at art :):):)

  2. thanks there like the only things i can draw:(


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