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Friday, May 16, 2014

princess adventure prize

                                                         Hey jammers!
  Yesterday's  new item is a princess hat which you can get from epic wonders I think its actually kind of cheap considering epic wonders is pretty expensive.
The price is 1.250 if you can't see it.
Also have you see all the prizes to the new eagle adventure yet? Ive heard there pretty good ones!
I'm gonna post today's new item tomorrow so keep intouch!



  1. Things I got from new adventure:
    Rare Party Hat
    Rare Gazelle Horns
    Rare Mech Angel Helmet
    Blue Mech Angel Wings
    Red Mech Angel Wings
    Yellow Mech Angel Wings
    Black Mech Angel Wings
    Rare Mech Angel Wings
    Rare Rhino Helmet
    Rare Headdress
    Beta Mats
    Beta Artist Easel
    Beta Frog Plushie
    Head Feather
    Rare Spike
    Rare Beard
    (I did the adventure about 10 times)

  2. You got cami's frog! OMG which one did U get cami's frog from? Like gems u have tonfind

  3. most were from purple, but some are from blue and silver.


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