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Sunday, December 10, 2017

Winter Fun Facts That You Hopefully Didn't Know!

- Daily Item
- Fun facts about winter!
- Howl Of The Week
Hey jammers!
I am back here again today to post. I mean why else would I be here? 3 days in a row of posting though which is good. I wish I could post basically everyday like I used to except school gets in the way sometimes and yeah. But I try my best and thats the best anyone can do:) Tomorrow I have to study for a french test on Tuesday. Hmm what else is happening? Christmas is in basically two weeks! I am getting so pumped guys. I will try to post a lot over the christmas break. I know I will have a bit of homework but I am gonna try to make it so I have even less cause I mean two week break. You gotta try and use it to it's full capacity. But then after christmas break is like 2 or 3 weeks of school and then exams which I am not excited for. So much studying!! Though if I study and know most things or all I should be fine right? Atleast thats what my sister keeps telling me.

Okay it's time to get onto post time again cause I have like 35 minutes! 
Let me see if I can post in that time range... I did it successfully yesterday:)

Daily Item:
Today we have the jamaaliday jester hat sold in jam mart clothing for 325 gems!
I must say, these jamaaliday items are such a decent price and are very nice too!

Here is what it looks like on penguins:

Fun Facts About Winter:
These facts were gonna be about Christmas since it is coming up within like 2 weeks. Though I decided to do fun facts about winter since they might be more interesting and cause winter is coming up sooner than Christmas! Ir's already starting to feel cold where I live. 
(Hehe I just got my bunny some Jamaaliday Items to be in spirit!, such a cute outfit)

So shall the winter fun facts begin...
*all facts are from.. metoffice*
  • Earth is closer to the sun in winter
  • The word winter comes from the germanic wintar which comes from the derived root wed, which is defined as wet or water
  • Due to winter, some deer above the arctic circle see dark for several weeks 
  • On average, every 12cm of snow has 1 cm of water in it
Hope you enjoyed those facts! Perhaps you learned something new today...
Dun dun dunXD

Howl Of The Week:
Last time I asked...
Do you think making masterpieces as den items should be for all jammers? Why or why not?

Unfortunately nobody answered so I will be giving this question once again for those who would like to answer, it only takes a few seconds and it makes me happy when you do submit a howl!

I feel like I should have another part to this post but I don't know what, so I will just end it here for today.
Thats all for today jammers!
See ya soon:)


  1. Great post!! :D

    Hmm, I’d say... leave it as it is for now because when you become a member, it’s exciting that you get to make masterpieces. And non members can use masterpiece tokens. That’s just how I see it. XD

  2. I agree with Lost, though I also think in December they should be allowed to make masterpieces (Not just with tokens) for Christmas masterpieces for their friends!


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