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Monday, July 16, 2018


Hey jammers! 
I was originally gonna type this post at a normal length and finally do an edit since that hasn't happened in forever but, its 8:10 at night right now and I wanna watch youtube before I go to bed and not really spend like an hour typing a post. So I just wanna type a few important pieces of information that I need feedback for PLEASE. (dont mean to sound harsh or greedy when I say this stuff)

Okay so for the past week or a little less I have been trying to get some feed back for the following things which I have posted but like no one responds...

- Im not sure who should be legendary paloozian of the month because the main who read this blog have already been chosen..
If you know anyone please comment them down below..
If not then you can nominate someone who has already been Legendary Paloozian of the month to be it again. Honestly kinda running out of ideas for LPOTM at this point. HELP WOULD BE APPRECIATED DEARLY! 

- Also im wondering if you guys prefer reading long posts or shorter posts.
I feel like the posts I make are starting to get longer so please let me know below IN THE COMMENTS. 

- Btw, please vote on the polls!! I would like to go over them hopefully in the beginning of August
so PLEASE VOTE only once

I dont wanna drag this stuff and feedback out any longer so please comment your thoughts below!! One person has for some of it so I really appreciate that:) Thank you (Q)!! 

Once again, pleae comment down your thoughts and opinions for each point I would really appreciate it as it is already July 17 tomorrow and we dont have an LPOTM.


Thats all for today jammers!
See you soon:)


  1. Just curious, why do you do LPOTM? Cause if it’s becoming stressful, you don’t have to keep doing it. And I honestly have no ideas who it could be for this month. D:

    And any posts are good. ;)

    1. I do LPOTM because it’s fun and I like highlighting someone who reads the blog for a month. I don’t know it’s just a fun little thing for the blog. It’s not doing LPOTM that’s stressful it’s the fact that there is like no one else to choose that’s stressful because not very one who reads the blog comments (I think) so it’s like... I’ve chosen all the commenters but who else is there? You know what I mean?

      Thank you for the feedback Lost!!! I really appreciate it:)


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