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Sunday, December 17, 2017


- Daily Item
- My Jamaaliday Den Tour 2017
- Tag from Ja
- Tag from Sarah
- Howl Of The Week
Hey jammers!
How are you all today? Well for starters I finally finished the fever code today, which makes me really happy. Now I just have to wait till christmas to see if I get the graphic novels and then I am gonna read those. Hopefully I do though! 
This week is the final week of school before Christmas Break. I cannot wait! Although I will have some homework over the break but if I get that done at the beginning then I can have lots of time. I will also be trying to post on here daily since I haven't had much time to do so lately. I did finish the drawings I was taking about and wanted to make a post for, which I was going to post today but then I thought that would be a very long post and it will get post poned till next sunday possibly, though that is christmas eve I have a hunch that I wont be able to post so you make get it with in the next week to two. BUT GUYS.
Lets not forget....
Who is excited??

Anyways I am starting to do long intros again. I need to stop.

Daily Item:
Today we have the returning Jamaaliday's Banner sold in jam mart furniture for 350 gems!
Not sure what the new item is anymore so y'all just have to deal with it XD
Anyways this is a nice item though I think he yellow should be white or um red so it matches the christmas theme. It is nonmember and 350 gems though which nice!

Ja recently made a tag and tagged me to do it so, here are my tag results.
(also I havent done the book sweater tag yet or the other one about christian cause I can't really apply much to those cause most or atleast some of the questions for me would be idk and it wouldn't be that interesting sooo) 

1. What is one of your best memories as a kid?
Hmmm I don't really know but, every year my family gets together with our half brother and half sister and my half sisters kids and her husband, so I guess my half brother in law and then my half siblings mom (which used to be my dads wife) anyways we usually get together on christmas day or eve but anyways we do it on eve now but it used to be on christmas day. Anyways my half sisters husband would always tickle me and my sister a lot and it was really fun XD

2. What was one of the best family times you've had?
Hmmm I don't really know but I guess going on trips or day trips. Since we don't really travel much we only do day trips often like a few times a year so.

3. Whats an embarrassing thing your family did you?
Ummmm I don't know. Theres nothing really specific that my family all together has done but my dad used to call me Typhoid cause I used to get colds to you and then he told my moms cousin that once so....

4. What something that you get a little frustrated with your family?
Umm, a lot things. Like when they are annoying XD 

5. Whats something that you do often with your family that you enjoy?
I enjoy having supper with family cause sometimes it can get really funny and fun and we do that often soooooo and I like eating food too XD

Okay, so I tag anyone who wants to do this tag.

This tag is from Sarah.
1. Whats five of your favourite songs?
- Gone gone gone
- Back to basics
- Broken Home
- dont know
- dont know

The top song though is actually one of my top favourite songs.

2. Are there any new albums your waiting for?
Yep, I am waiting for 5sos to release a new album.

3. Whos your favourite band/artist?
Currently, 5 seconds of summer and Hedley for bands. Don't really have a favourite artist though.

4. Whats your favourite new christmas song?
Idk I don't have one

5. What songs have really spoken to you?
I don't know.

6. What ccm artist would you like ot meet?
i dont know

7. Whats your favourite ccm song remix of a classic Christmas Song?
dont know.

I feel like most o this tag didn't even have any answers. Sorry SarahDX

I tag anyone who wants to do this tag as well.

My Jamaaliday Den Tour 2017:
I don't actually think I have done a den tour of a jamaaliday den before on this blog. Since I have recently made a jamaaliday den I thought I could post it on here cause I really like it.
So here it is:

Isn't it awesome?
Comment down your thoughts!!

Howl Of The Week:
Last week I asked...
Do you think making masterpieces as den items should be for all jammers? Why or why not?

The howl I chose was from Lostfairy,
Here is what she said:
Hmm, I’d say... leave it as it is for now because when you become a member, it’s exciting that you get to make masterpieces. And non members can use masterpiece tokens. That’s just how I see it. XD

For next week I would like to know...
Who do you look up to the most in AJ and why?

Be sure to comment down your howls!
Thats all for today jammers!
See ya soon!
- Violet


  1. Woah that den is awesome Vi! :D
    All the bloggers because they are just strictly amazing! :D

    1. Thanks Sarah! Yes, I must agree on that, all the bloggers are amazing!!


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