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Friday, August 19, 2016

Giraffes for nonmembers

Hey jammers!
Sorry for not posting these past few days:( I have reasons why don't worry! So on Tuesday I think it was I was finishing the first book of the maze runner which took me about 3 hours I believe XD Then I went to see my nephews and half sister. Then wednesday which I might of told you before a few weeks ago I was having a party with my friends we got our nails done, (I got shellac) then we went shopping which I bought a necklace, flipflops, maze runner and scorch trials movies, and a shower gel from bath and body works! Then yesterday I was working so after I finished it was a bit late to post and I just really wanted to chill! So I have been trying to find a case for my phone thats not hard and has a cool design but I can't seem to find one that suits what I want:(

Since I didn't get to the update yesterday here it is today!
Page 1
So to begin with.. GIRAFFES ARE FOR NONMEMBER! If aj was to ever make a member animal nonmember I would of thought it would be like a smaller animal like a raccoon but a giraffe for nonemmber is just great! Im sure many nonmembers are happy about that:)

Page 2
Headfeathers are back! I am gonna have to stock up on these!

Page 3
Honey bee day is coming up and pet honey bees are back.

Page 4
Battle for the beacon is back. AND YOU CAN NOW TRADE PETS!
I like the trade pets feature but I feel like who would wanna trade their pets?

Page 5
Hmm I wonder what it is. Some say it is lemurs.
What do you think it is comment below:)

Page 6
Arctic wolves are travelling.
Rhinos are returning soon!

Page 7
Im guessing the new adventures aren't in beta testing anymore?
And the adventure command post is now in sarepia forest for 2d adventures!

Page 8
They are finally released where I live and I just wanna buy them. GAAAAAAH. But I don't know when the next time to shop will be. It could be next week, in a few days or a few weeks. I would ask my mom today but shes kinda sick and no one else would take me.

I ain't no seeing no command post in sarepia forest:/
Oh found it nevermind XD
Its kinda hard to noticeXD

Thats all for today jammers!
See ya tomorrow bye!
- Violet


  1. I think it's lemurs too. The carving is supposed to look like Madagascar. :)

  2. I'm guessing AJHQ will make diamond headdresses eventually after making diamond headfeathers. (Headfeather were "removed" from the game the same reason as headdresses were so if we have diamond headfeathers then I'm guessing we'll have diamond headdresses)

    1. That may be true! I think AJHQ finds the Headdresses a lot more "offensive", for some reason, than the Head Feathers, though, so I don't know.


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