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Monday, August 15, 2016

The rarest thing on earth... JK

Hey jammers!
I don't really wanna feel like im bragging when I am talking about my presents, sorry if I am annoying you with that. I don't mean to:( I just like sharing part of my day with you guys! Anyways so for my bday I thankfully got a smartphone. My brother and sister both had a flip phone as a first phone but I didn't want one cause you can't really do anything on it if you know what I mean. So ya! So I got a broccoli stuffy from my dad for some reason. Its cute though and I named it Brocci.
Then I when I was volunteering near the end of june my sister and I saw these like homemade animals made out of natural stuff my sister got me a bunny and elephant which were the ones I wanted! I named the bunny Bunbit and and the elephant Elly. Then I got 20$ and a sd card for my phone so there would be more space! If you want pictures please comment below!

Today we have the rare guitar sold in jam mart furniture for 950 gems!
This is a bit expensive. It should be like 750.

I got to go now! Sorry I didn't finish the post...
- Violet
See ya!


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