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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

AJ movie tag created by: Violet86271

Hey jammers!
GUESS WHAT???? My mom said we could go to toys r us tomorrow night!
Cause if you don't i'm gonna die:( Just kidding:P
My phone case I ordered was suppose to come between... Today and the 16th of the september but I was thinking it would come today cause it where it got shipped from is only 1 hr away from where I live, but I guess not. So ya hoping it comes tomorrow!

Today we have the new origami window sold in jam mart clothing for 450 gems!
This is a nice addition to the new orgami den set which is actually AMAZZING! HEHE AMAZINGGGGGGGGGGGGG.
Though how can it really be a window if its paper? Hmmmm.

Animal jam movie tag!
Now I keep saying I am gonna make a tag, I am gonna make a tag. Well yesterday I finally did!
I even started a video for channel answering the questions but then I kinda got bored and went off the computer.
So here it is:
1. Ryan Guzman 
2. My favourite movies are Dolphintale 1 and 2, I just love them. I also like The huntsman.
3. OOOH FAVOURITE MOVIE SERIES??? STEP UP ALL THE WAY. If you don't know what step up is its dance movies and thats where my favourite actor is from.
4. Usually I prefer movies but it all depends what the book is and the movie, for example if its a series like the maze runner which has movies then it depends.
5. I like all kinds of movies whether its action, animated or comedy. It all depends what the movie is about.
6. Personally I like movies better. But like Ive said in all the questions it honestly depends.
7. Yes, I would love to see Nine lives, ghostbusters and The new ice age.

So Thats it for the tag!
I tag: Anyone who reads this blog!
Thansk guys! Hope you all have fun doing this:0

Sorry for the short post today. I wanna start working on some videos for my channel:)
- Violet


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