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Thursday, August 25, 2016

Mythical the paparzzi

Hey jammers!
I am actually quite happy/excited/overwhelmed right now. For a few reasonss...
1. My mom said I can go to Toys r us tonight to get aj toys (hopefully they have it)
2. I am doing some school shopping which I love 
3. I am getting an amazing binder and probably a new backpack!
So ya.
I will post a few pics of my toys on here and some videos of unboxing on my insta if I get them...

Today we have the new.. Oh wait is there even a new item??
No one has posted about which I am guessing there isn't but lets checkerooooooo.
Yup no one posted about it:(

So lets get straight into the post....
So yesterday I said to my buddy: "I am secretly a paparzzi taking pics of you" (Well something like that) So that gave me an idea... 
I am going into popular jamaa's and acting all paparzzi and taking many pictures of the random stuff, then after I take a picture I will jag them so let us begin.... Shall we?

The jammer looking for males:

Then I asked, do you want some and she responded with yes.
People were actualy laughing...

Okay now to jamaa...
(This is actually harder than I thought)
I wish I had rares:
My response: You feel all special and happy and JIGGLY

Person thinks pie:
I think they were doing a survery but the person thinks pie.

There was this person who said "Bepper in my den" I knew it was a lie, so I went and the person was acting as bepper and I was just like DUDE....

Thats my pillow:
So there was this jammer who was getting mad cause someone was sitting on her pillow...

I asked "Why are you hopping on it?

Anyways that turned out way worse than I had planned...
How do you guys find so many jammers???

Anyways thats all for today jammers!
See ya tomorrow!
- Violet out!


  1. Okay this was hilarious! Someone NEEDS to do a troll where you run around and pretend to be actual paparazzi!

    1. Yes XD, I kept says Papz here and saying I'm taking pics

  2. Hope you find something at Toys R Us! Please tell me if the AJ toys were there! :)

    Also, that's actually an awesome outfit for deer!!!

    1. They were thankfully:) But then again I'm not sure what country you live in so they might not be at you store. And thanks


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