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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Hanging rugs?

Hey jammers!
Did you know that the spring bunny is very very hard to decorate?
Well if you didn't know it is very hard!
I think I am finally gonna add my aj instagram gadget....
Today we have the new elegant hanging rug sold in epic wonders for 1250 gems!
Is it weird that I just realized that the elegant furniture was sold in epic wonders?
I still have the get the mechanical den set though I don't need this den set. 
Also am I the only one that heard of a hanging rug before? Or is just like one of those cloth pictures you sometimes see at places? PLEASE TELL ME I AM DYING TO KNOW!

It's a crisis help me:( I don't wanna poop flowers for the rest of my life!
Help me please!

It was actually meant  to show the bunny running away with a trail of bunny poop behind it guess that didn't work out.....

Do you know the spring bunny the spring bunny the spring bunny do you know the spring bunny who lives down the lane? 

You know how some songs on aj have voices in the background of the song.
Well if you listen closely there is voices.
These voices accrue in summer carnival theme song.
Literally there is voices in the songs.
What do you think the voices are saying in the summer carnival song?
Is there any other songs you can find with voices?
Why do you think ajhq added the voices?
Whatever your respond is to these questions is... COMMENT THEM BELOW.

Violet's drawing
Ok so this was for design your own den item contest that they were hosting on the DE.
I think the due date passed but whatever it's not like they are gonna choose it...
It is a bed if you can't tell. Probably the besets bed i've ever drawn wow. 
I am making improvements!

As a member now I have to big list of things to do not big but it has like 5 things to do which may take a while though I am super lazy so lets see that turns out. 
I also have added my signature bunny outfit to my spring bunny seeing that it was like the only outfit that worked on it so now my bunny is gonna have a new look how does that sound?
Good good good!

That's all for today jammers!
See ya tomorrow!

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