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Monday, June 8, 2015

Member again woo hoo! spring bunny

So last night my mom got me a membership so I am now a member again which just makes aj funner by like 1000%! 
So now I got a spring bunny and all of its features if you haven't seen the stuff you get with the spring bunny yet... This post may have a bit of add on stuff at the end!
So ya...

And a spring bunny yay!!!!!
Aww it's so cute!! I just love love love it.!
Time to move onto todays new item..
Today we have the rare tie- dye
 shirt sold in jam mart clothing for 500  gems!
Look's like another rushed recoloured item from ajhq.
The colours are really random and don't go well together look's like throw up...
Maybe if the colours were bright people would like it and if it wasn't recoloured again.
Though a positive is that its 500 gems the price a rim should be not like 750 gems!

Rare item monday redo
Like I said before it should be bright colours not boring ugly colours.
Yes I know the design on this shirt is squabbles but thats also what the shirt looks like:)

Mini challenge
Sorry this only applies to members. 
Okay guys since game is very hard and frustrating I challenge you guys to see if you can get more 15 gems but if not then comment how far you've you gotten cause I find it dearly impossible. As to nonmembers I challenge you find as many pet snakes as you can in jamaa township then comment below:)

Mysterious monday mystery
Comment the exact location for a chance to win a prize!

Unreleased items video

This video is full of unreleased things like a new party, adventure item and a sneak peak from the llama video...


I don't know how but I ended up getting 30 diamonds with my membership instead of 10?
Cause I originally had 13 when I was nonmember but then when I got a membership it added 30 diamonds.  I guess I am just a lucky duck! 
Also do you like the new blog template for june? I love it!

Thats all for today jammers!
See ya tomorrow!


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