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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Little piglets

Hey jammers!
Today we have the jamaa journal update which is a day earlier than usual.
But I must say its one of the best!
So firstly we got a new pet which is absolutely cute!
PET PIGLETS!!!! Omg they are just soooo adorable:)
I am gonna get one along with the greely's hideout eventually cause I got a list of things to do on aj.
A new adventure? For all jammers?
Wow nice job AJ! 
Am I reading this right? I think I am at least I hope I am?
Either way it looks super fun. 
Apparently theres more than 4 people aloud in this adventure...
We got a new party for just birds like the owl and eagle.
The items at this party are all rainbow...
Literally what's up with all the rainbow? Theres even a new armour set thats rainbow in the diamond shop too.
This party is good but theres nothing to do really in it except for chilling with buddies.
Oh my gosh the sand castle den set already came? 
And I haven't even gotten the mechanical item den set yet( I am soon don't worry) and I still need to finish the space den set... Oh well this will be perfect for the beach house den.
Llamas will be coming in 2 weeks! I hope the legs are fixed cause they creep me out...
I really like the video I find it super cute and funny:)
Happy llama
Sad llama
Mentally disturbed llama
Super llama
Drama llama
Big fat mama llama
Do you think the llamas will be for nonmembers since the leaked picture was on a nonmember?
And just a reminder that the spring bunny is being sold for only a few more weeks!
I am gonna rate this jamaa journal as 9/10
Just because theres soooo many great features added:)

Here are all the new items.
Cloud party:

See very rainbow.
I like the rainbow den items much better maybe I will get them who knows?
I have a lot of den items and clothes items..

Jam mart furniture:
These are good but as you can see no nonmember items yet!
Poor nonmembers:(

Diamond shop:
See so much rainbow:O I think ajhq is going crazy over rainbow items.
And the little piglets!
This is my piggy...
It's my little baby cow cow.
I call it moo moo!
And it has a tiny balloon.

Thats all for today jammers!
See ya tomorrow!


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