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Monday, March 16, 2015

The impressive recoloured rim

Hey jammers!
Since its March break. There will be earlier posts because I HAVE NO SCHOOL!
Boo YA no school! I just get to sit around and be a couch potato! 
Go potatoes!!!!!!!!!
So yesterday I made a new daily posting schedule you can see it on the left side of the blog or right here...
Monday:  Rim redo, Monday mystery, mini challenge
Tuesday: Wonder, violet's drawing, randomness   
Wednesday: Mini post or no post 
Thursday: JAMAA journal, Violet's drawing  
Friday: Fun facts, future items, mini challenge
Saturday and Sunday: Photo filters, cool/cute pictures
Note: Saturday and Sunday will have mini posts because of my lack of laziness on the weekends! Oh and cool/cute pictures may be shown all week! 
Some of the things are the same but I added other things too! Yay for the new schedule!
Woah this has been a ssssssssssuuuuuuuuuuppppppppppeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrr LONG intro.

Today's newish rim is the RECOLOURED RIM! 
I'm sorry guys I just get tired of all the recoloured rims its not that hard to make a new item for rim if they do it every single day you know what I mean?

The rare leprechaun hat sold in jam mart clothing for 750 gems! 
Impressive change and you notice they only change the belt and the buckle to make it not the same so then it becomes "rare".

This weeks rim doesn't even deserve a redo. I'm gonna email AJHQ and ask them why the rim are always recoloured.
Mysterious Monday mystery 

If you can comment the exact location of this picture you will get a small prize!
And last week no one got it right and it was the loading with the bunny.
There is many places with this in it. It's a bit harder than usual hey?

Mini challenge
So how the mini challenge will work is that I will give you guys a challenge to do on aj and then you have to comment what you got when you do it. So for example.
I will give you a task and you will do it and comment how long it took.
And mini challenges will be every Mondayand Friday.
So todays challenge has to do with the game best dressed.

So today's mini challenge is....
How many times does it take you to get to 2000 gems while playing this game?
It may take awhile but it's pretty fun and will give you a ton of gems!
I say it should take you guys maybe 10-15 times? Um idkXD
Oh and since I love making signatures which I have like 1000s maybe a bit to much XP.
I made a new signature!
You guys are probably just like...
How many signatures does that girl have? And I be like I got 10000000000000 cause I got skillz.

Ok so here's a funny story. 
So we were doing this thing in class a question would pop up on the board and we would find someone or a group to get with and answer the question. So it was what is something someone said your good at? 
So I was in a group with my friend and a boy. So I was like idk. And my friend was like your awesome. And the boy was like who told you were awesome. And my friend was like I did. And I was like oh YA cause I got SKILLZ. And then the boy just stared at me.
Here's a question? Do you like the new schedule?
That's all cya guys tomorrow! 
Also there is 2 new polls! And the rate this blog is almost over so if you haven't yet rate it please!
Oh YA I almost forgot I never used labels cause I never knew the point of them but I'm gonna start today! 
Boy does this post never end! Ok I'm gonna end it now. . . . . . . . . . . . A lot of periods. Ok Violet you gotta stop now. Fine. Bye guys!


  1. For Monday mystery I think that is the temple of zios

  2. I don't have a March break, I have a April break :3

    Monday Mystery- Top right of Temple of Zios' river


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