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Sunday, March 15, 2015

Creepy or what?

Hey jammers!
So I know this isn't related to AJ or anything well it kinda is but...
Today I was checking my calendar on my iPad to check something.
And then I saw someone's birthday that I know on AJ. Then I saw another one and another and another. So this kinda creeped me out. And when I clicked it it said Violet AJ which me aloud Apple to show there birthdays which makes no sense cause I never said anything like that.
But now I know people's birthdays. I'm evil I know I am just face it.
Honestly I won't share them with anyone cause I don't even go on the calendar much.
So I thought I'd share this.
Also im gonna make the new schedule today Yipee!
See YA later JAMMERS!


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