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Saturday, July 20, 2019

My Wild Weekend Opinion and Code Apollo11

- Wild Weekend
- Apollo11 Code
Hey jammers!
How are y'all today? 
I can't believe its already July. 20th. This summer is flying past way too quickly. I need more time to relaxxxx XD

Anyways, today I am posting about my opinion on this weekend's Wild Weekend and the new Apollo11 code. (sorry Doomy if this is like a copy of what you posted earlier with like similar topics. I didn't mean to, it was just what I wanted to post XD.. :( )

Wild Weekend:
This weekend we have the wild weekend of crazy hairdos, which are all suppose to be different hair colours then usual.
Violet's Opinion of Wild Weekend: 
To be honest Im not exactly that happy with this wild weekend. All the items have already come to the stores before and some return every year and can be traded. So it's like we already have these. But I didn't realize they were different colours until today, so that makes things a little better.

Code - Apollo 11:

This code is available for 3 days only so make sure to use it quick!
It was created as it has been 50 years since the Apollo 11 landed. 
The items above  are the items received. Though, some people have received a finland flag instead of the rare moon hat. I believe the rare moon hat also comes in different colours aswell. 

What are your thoughts on this code?

I really actually like this code, and its nice for a change, cause I feel like we haven't gotten any new codes since Meagyn's bear. So make sure to use the code while it lasts!!

That's all for today jammers!
Sorry for the shorter post today, I am kinda running out of time DX 
Maybe I will post tomorrow... probably not but we will see.

See you soon:D


  1. It's totally fine Violet!!! You don't need to credit me for talking about news ^-^

    And I agree, it isn't the most interesting Wild Weekend, but I like the variety. I hope we'll get some Wild Weekends that aren't 100% based on items (maybe a discontinued party coming for a short time!)

    1. Okie! Yeah, that would be cool if they did that instead of items all the time.

  2. Oh yeah! I totally forgot to mention that part about the wild weekend.

  3. Hello!
    I love the new blog template :) and the fact you are still posting.
    I made about 30 ish accounts to get the moon hat XD

    1. Hey!! How are youuu? Thanks for commenting:)

      Thanks and yeah someway somehow *shrugs* XD
      Wow 30 accounts, thats a lot... :D


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