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Friday, February 1, 2019

Easy Den and Outfit Ideas

- Daily item
- den/outfit ideas
Hey jammers! 
I am back here once again for like the second time in one week?
Pretty good if I'd say so myself :D
So last weekend I bought Christopher Robin the movie and I watched it last night. Some parts made me kinda sad, and like if you think about it, those parts probably weren't even meant to be sad (some of them). But Christopher could have been a bit more nice to Pooh considering he hadn't seen him in however long? But the ending was happy and parts of it were happy and funny, especially Eee Ore who really needs more self confidence XD. Oh well! I think there should be a sequel... Though I doubt there will be:( Who agrees though that some movies, there could be a sequel to it? I think Pooh is a new love of mine, he's just too cute and sweet and silly:') Anyways, I am here to post so let's check out all of this PAWESOME information:). (see what I did there?) hehehe. 

Daily Item:

Today we have the  new Box O' Chocolates sofa sold in jam mart furniture for 850 gems!
This sofa is actually quite cute. I love the idea of a sofa that opens and inside there are different types of candies.  *mouth waters*

Den/Outfit Ideas:
Today I thought I could post some den/outfit ideas, cause that hasn't been posted in a little while. If using these ideas make sure to give credit to the owners of the outfit ideas, and ask them permission to use it before. 

Outfit Ideas
This one comes lpsloversrock. I love the different shades, and patterns that all blend in to combine the outfit. 
Good job!

This one comes from gem00aj
Once again, the colours and patterns manage to blend in together to make the outfit stand out. 
Good job!

Den Ideas
This one comes from Zap60625. 
I love the layout. Its kinda like a nice relaxing room. From the side you see beautiful fish as well as underneath the pool table.  The couch and chair also seem quite comfy. Plus you have the pool table to match all the colours. The colour scheme in this interior is also quite nice as they all match well. 
What a great room to relax in. I wish I had this room in real life XD
Good job!

This one comes from 1234hello1.
I'd imagine this to be a nice art corner. The blues from the wall match with the blues of the rug. In the corner you have an art easel and canvas for painting, with a plant beside it. This corner looks cozy. Pictures also hang on the wall and I think that also gives it a nice effect. Plus they also come hand for some decor. 
Good job! 

I hope you enjoyed those den and out fit ideas! 
Let me know in the comments which one was your favourite:)

I gotta say the first den idea was my favourite.
Thats all for today jammers!
Hope you enjoyed this post! 
See you all soon:)

PS. Do y'all like the new template?


  1. Oooo, I love all of those outfits and den ideas! :O

    Sorry I haven't commented in FOREVERRRRR. >.<


    1. Thank you Lost and it's okay you commented in forever,:)
      Though it makes me feel that people still read this blog though!

  2. Ahh I wish the art easel was nonmember, it's always been one of my favorite items TT_TT

    And I really love the blog layout-- very stark and wintery! Where I am winter has been mostly slushy and slippery

    I love reading all your posts. Keep it up! :D


    1. The art easel isn't nm? Wow. Thank you! Right now where I live we have snow, I don't know how to describe it though... Typical winter? Though we had some pretty cold days this past week. Thanks again, glad you like them:)


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