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Saturday, January 26, 2019

!st post in a month XD

- Jamaa journal update
Hey jammers!
It has already been one month since I posted last... I don't know how I barely posted over the christmas break. Obviously, I was busy doing other things enjoying life, away from AJ and the blog... Anyways, I am here posting now because I only had 1 exam so I have like one week off from school compared to a some people who only have a few days. I think I did pretty good on that exam actually so thats great. I know the update was two days, but I actually don't think many bloggers have posted about it. The community's been kinda quieter lately... 

You guys have already seen this already probably, so I still wanna post it either way. 
Jamaa Journal:

First up we have pet love bunnies have arrived. They are gems which is super nice, but Im going to assume they are members only. If not then thats even better!

Since its the year of the pig. The pigs are on sale for all jammers!
Im not sure how much off they are but i'm sure its probably like $500 gems or something.
We also have the return of the Chinese new years party, this year it is specified for pigs.

New yYear's fortune adventure has returned. 

Special delivery has also returned. 

Internet safety day...

OOh I know this was from last update, but I am so happy it got released. I got it today and I can't wait to decorate it with a bunch of winter den items and maybe make it like cosy inside and stuff. :D

Thats all for today jammers!
See you soon!
Sorry this post was kinda rushed, and not really detailed, doing other things lol.

- Violet


  1. Yay you posted!!!! :D

    I think it feels like the blogging community has been quieter because of q1zx's absence. Because of that, I've made it a personal goal to post more frequently

    Right now I think the only daily-updating blogs are Rainbow000Pegasus' blog, Animal Jam World, and Animal Jam Archives posts regularly. None of these are Blogger blogs, so my dashboard feed has been pretty empty lol

    1. :D You can add those blogs to your dashboard, if you want.

    2. The same way you do when you normally add one from your dashboard XD by going to the reading list and then clicking that pencil icon and then putting the link. I haven’t done non blogspot blogs on this account, but I’ve done it on my other account and it works:)
      - Violet who’s google account isn’t working right now XD


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