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Sunday, December 2, 2018

A Jam-tastic-iliday Update

- Jamaa Journal Update
-  Meet Mister Pebble
- Blog Goals 
Hey jammers!
Long time no see again. Sorry about not posting since whenever the last time was. I have been busy with school work and life... School sucks but thankfully its December 2nd which means Christmas is soon but not only that... CHRISTMAS BREAK is soon also!  Which means no school which is just great:D I mean I know I will have some homework but that won't take up the whole two weeks. 
So this week in school they played 5sos between classes which was great. Though I was probably one of the only people who was singing to it in the hall. One of my friends was just like.. "Do you have like all the lyrics memorized?" XD Also this weekend I didn't have to much homework for once which was a change cause for some reason I would put off some of my work from friday night to the weekend instead.... Oh well!!
 XD  Yesterday it was actually a quite productive day for me and it was also kinda productive for me again today too. 

Anyways... Let's check out the update from Thursday or Friday. 
I know many people have probably seen this update already but I want to post it and yeah, this was actually meant to be posted yesterday but I kinda ran out of time.

Jamaa Journal:

Jamaaliday deer are here! I actually kinda like this deer, considering only they added a pattern. But a pattern makes a deer feel more christmassy too. I also heard that these were gems, which is also great cause most patterned animals these days are diamonds. 

The jamaaliday house has returned. I wonder if once Winter arrives AJ will add a winter nm for nm's. I should work on a jamaaliday den for myself.

Daily jamaaliday gifts for December. Im gonna be honest I kinda forgot about this advent calendar. Every year I open less and less gifts I feel DX 

A jamaalidays bundle has arrived. The items that it comes with seems cool. This actually seems like a decent bundle.

This has got to be one of my favourite parts of the update.
Little pet bears have been added to the game for nm's! They are so cute. 
Plus they are for all jammers and all cost gems. What a great deal. I can't imagine what it would feel like to go to AJHQ and help design a pet.
Make sure to get these bears while they last, cause they are limited addition.

Jamaaliday jam is back as well as pet reindeers. 

Jamaaliday rescue is back. Plus a jamaaliday gift bag is back with all items from the past.

Jamaaliday armour and gingerbread armour is here!
I must admit this armour seems pretty cool! 

Don't forget that there is even more jamaaliday fun happening on Play Wild! 
(wish I could play right now cause it looks like fun!)

I rate this update a 9/10

This was definitely jam packed with lots of jamaaliday stuff which just gets us more in the spirit for Christmas plus so much stuff was added. 

Also I am pretty sure this is a new feature. But if not I guess I am posting it incase some people didn't know, but you can now choose who can send you jamagrams. Whether it be no one, buddies or everyone.

Here is my pet. 
Meet, MisterPebble!

Mister Pebble is a mature little bear who loves to play with a honey pot and his favourite food is ice cream cakes!

I wish non members could dress their pet up, cause if so I would definitely dress Mister Pebble up.

Blog Goals:
Since this year is almost over... wow this year is almost over. 2018 is almost over!XD 
I decided to post the blog goals that were originally made closer to the beginning of the year as a reminder. 
I know some of these are obviously not possible. But it would be nice to try. 

Thats all for today jammers!
See you soon! Hopefully within a week!

"Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow."


  1. That JAG thing is not a new feature, it’s been there for months and months, maybe a year. XD


    1. Ooooooh. I felt like it had but I didn’t know, though then I thought it was a new featureXD


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