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Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Violet's AJ Bday Party (celebrating 15 years)

Hey jammers!
Today is my birthday!! My family and I are actually doing the cake and presents tomorrow because if we did it tonight there wouldn't be enough time to go to a restaurant and do all that stuff so yeah:) 
I did manage to have a pretty chill day though. I finished my dream catcher, finished my clay teddy bear, drew a bit, read a bit, watched youtube a bit. As well, hosted my birthday party on AJ which went AWESOME!

Which is basically what this post is about! Thank you to everyone of you who came:) I really appreciate it from the bottom of my heart. I believe at one point we ended up with 13 people, which is one of the highest amounts of people I have had at a party. Compared to the other most recent party it was much better by numbers of people. Even if you only stayed for a small portion of it I still appreciate it!

If you missed this party don't worry there will be more in the future, so hopefully you can be there:)

Anyway's let's check out all the fun we had at today's party!

So first we started off with some pictures, of dancing around and saying Happy Birthday and then doing our favourite emote!

Just some fun chatting, while doing the first activity, find the plushie! If you are wondering what past the gone is, its a reference to the maze runner seriesXD

Got warned not to go by the fire, or else, I would turn into bacon XDD

Next we did some trivia/true and false!

The winner for this ended up being Koolestkat.

Then we ate some cake!

Did a fashion show!

Finally, we did some truth or dare, which there was only 2-3 people left by the time this happened.

So yeah!! 

I hope you all had fun and enjoyed this party!!

Thanks for all the item gifts on AJ so far, don't worry if your present is late, I don't mind at all!

Once again, thanks for all of those who came I appreciate it a lot!!

Don't forget to sign up for the plushie challenge and LPOTM if you haven't yet.

See you guys soon!!


  1. I'm soooo sorry I missed it! I totally got sidetracked drawing today and I forgot this was the same day as the party! :( I really wanted to come to this, but once again i'm missing all the AJ blogger parties....

    But on the happier side, Happy Birthday Vi! You are an incredible blogger, And one of my most loyal followers, I feel bad that even though I read all your posts I hardly comment, and you do on like all of mine, Your blog is Awesome, And such a joy to read! And even though we really don't know to much about each other, I honestly consider you a really great friend:) I hope you had the best birthday you could ever have! :throws budgie s and confetti:

    1. Awwww Talloose:) That’s so sweet of you to write! Thank you so much! I consider you a great friend aswell:) I hope it stays like that for a long while!

      Also don’t worry about commenting on every post, if you don’t want too. I hope you can make it to the next party or participate the contest coming soon:)

  2. Great post! 13 people is a lot of people! I didn't even know about the party, I just happened to be on around that time. Thanks for helping me start my blog, too! I hope you had a happy birthday!

    1. Thanks, I actually did post about the party XD Np, Im happy you created your own blog:) Thanks I di!


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