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Monday, August 13, 2018

1st RIM REDO since April

- Party reminder
- Plushie Challenge and LPOTM sign up reminders

Hey jammers!! 
Today I went to a butterfly conservatory for my birthday which is indeed tomorrow:D 
This gal of yours is turning 15 years old:) Im fine with that age I guess? 
Anyways there was lots of butterflies and I think I had about 7-8 on me, but like most of them were just on me for like 1 second XD Yeah there was a big butterfly on a little girl and it was there for a long while. Then there was a guy who scared of a butterfly that landed on him..... I wonder how some people are scared of butterflies. Like they are such sweet and innocent creatures. Then I got this cool glass thing with butterflies on and the city that we were in written on it!

So yeah that was my day, we are suppose to be going to a zoo sometime soon, when my sister isn't working and a day that is good.. I also really wanna see Christopher Robin!
Daily Item:
Today we have the rare bee antennae sold in jam mart clothing for 850 gems!
This is quite pricey for just antennae. But I mean it is nonmember for once so what I can I say? Because of this item I have only 600 and something gems XD

Here is what it looks like on a seal:
It's kinda funny, seeing a seal with bee antennaeXD
Rim Redo:
Wow. I can't believe it has been FOREVER since I did this. I cannot believe it! Let's see when the last time I have done a rim redo was...
APRIL 2!! 

Wowzers, that was long!
For this I changed the colours to blue and yellow. They are also outlined in white for a change. The price is 600 gems so it's cheaper! 

Which rim do you prefer?

Plushie Challenge:
Don't forget to enter the plushie challenge if you haven't yet!! If you are wondering how long it will last. I am thinking basically 4 weeks!  So there will be lots of time, if you are busy lets just say 2/4 weeks and don't get much progress done.

Link to enter with more detail:

I am hoping to get atleast 3 entries, so one is still needed. If you have been thinking about entering please try to make your descision ASAP so we can start the challenge:)

If you would like to sign up to be legendary paloozian of the month here is the required information:
- Username
- Favourite animal jam pet of yours
- Favourite animal jam animal of yours
- Reason you would like to be LPOTM

If you are nominating someone it must be someone who reads this blog!!

Hope to get someone entering:) I have someone in mind right now, but if I got entries that would be even greater!!

Party Reminder:
Don't forget that the party is happening tomorrow!!
Here is the invitation for those who have not seen it yet:
Times: 4:00 pm EST, 3:00pm Central, 1:00pm Pacific!!

If you have more questions about time feel free to comment them down!!!

Hope to see lots of you there:)

Sorry if this post was kinda boring, hope to have a better post soon!
Thats all for today jammers!
See you tomorrow:)


  1. Today's rim doesn't look good on any animal. The colors were kinda nice.

    Plus that signature is really cute.

    1. XD. Thank you:) My dodo appreciates the compliment!

  2. I'm afraid I'd have to go for the original RIM since it fits the colour scheme for all, if not most, of my animals!

    Also, happy birthday, if not belated!

  3. Wow, you should work for AJ, that's way better!


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