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Friday, August 10, 2018

Lots of stuff:) A long post awaits!

- Daily item
- Tag
- Fan art
- Wild weekend, (need jamaa journal screenshot)
- Party times available
- Plushie Challenge and LPOTM sign ups 
Hey jammers!
Welcome back to another post on the... ANIMAL JAM LEGENDARY PALOOZA!! Your source for the latest everything in jamaa!! JK, thats probably not accurate XD When I volunteered today I made maracas, out of cardboard. It is actually quite easier than it sounds. My brain isn't working number 1 today so I am not really sure what I talked about in the post from the other day... *Thinks* So yesterday I went shopping with my friend and I got a new shirt, shorts and a backpack for travelling so I don't have to use my school backpack all time when my family does small day trips or whatever.  I was hoping to get another shirt, and possibly a pair of thicker leggings but, I kinda forgot about the leggings and the other shirt was so hard to find with a price like 15 and under with a size that fitted. I was going to get like a green shirt but I found it a bit tight fitted... I guess now that I think about it maybe I just needed the next size up XD Oh well... So yeah.. Im trying to think what I did all week  but nothing special really happened. Next week is my birthday and I am going to a zoo and a butterfly conservatory. Then im voluntering next week probably a day or two (still should be a post though...) Then the week after that I am going camping on the weekend and then the day after that I am going to a 5sos concert again, and then I guess it is basically the end of the month... and I have to go back to school the next week. Wait, I have to go back to school the week after? Awwww snap, I did not think that through.....:(

Anyway's lets get on with the post because it is a long post, so make sure to sit back and relax and enjoy the post:) 
Im not even sure if any of you read the intro so....

Daily Item:
Today we have the glass storefront sold in jam mart furniture for 450 gems!!
I wish all these items were for nonmember. Im not sure if any of them are though.
At least its a nice price though!
When i'm older Tag by Sarahkey8:
Yesterday, Sarah created a when im older tag and tagged me to do it!
So I thought I would do it now:)

1. When do you think you will move out?
Probably when im done university and or college too. So like... 10-15 yearsXD 

2. Do you look forward to getting married?
(if only I could marry my favourite actors and movie characters... I mean it might be like a 12 year age gap but it could actually work if one of them decides to move over here;))

3. Do you look forward to having kids?
There are some things I wont look forward to, basically in the future of life in general which I prefer not to think about a lot cause it makes me sad...

4. What are some dream rooms you will have in your home?
- A giant room for all my pets
- A room for art
- A room for dance
- A room/greenhouse thing that connects to my house for plants
- A room for all my stuffies/ room for lounging and getting comfy

Others I have not thought about yet. But definitely those for sure. I want to live in a two story house since I don't right now. A big house would be nice but not super big though. 

5.  What job will you have/want to get?
Wildlife photographer, something to do with art/creating things, or a job in the animal field preferably not a vet though. 

I'd love to continue blogging on my personal blog as well and be a blogger as well as write a book or series and potentially create a youtube channel, for fun of creating things, I would love to do that now but I don't have the time which sucks...

6. What would your dream home include? (including your backyard)
This is basically a repeat of number 4, but for my backyard I want to have lots of gardens, like those really fancy gardens you see, a fountain, a pond, and of course a pool, as well as a patio and yeah:) 

7. What pets will you have?
Okay here comes my very long list, you guys ready?
-  Dogs: The dogs I would love to get since they are my favourites, Shih tzu, corgi, bermese mountian dog, and other dogs I love hopefully
- Cats: Big fat white fluffy cat, other cats ive just always wanted a white cat like described
- Capybara
- Parrot and other birds
-  Ferrets
- Miniature pig
- Fish
- Floppy eared bunny 
- More to come in the future but, I can't think of the others if there is others which I feel like there is. 

There you have it:) I hope a lot of these plans do come true in the future, its just a matter of making enough money for them to come true which probably some won't which will suck but hopefully with my husband we will accomplish a lot, or whoever I live with XD 

Though you never know these could change, I mean they probably won't but yeah never know.

Fan Art:
Cookies4ever made me these animal jam version  drawing of my bunny!
I actually love this so much! My bunny isn't exactly my main animal anymore right now since I am nonmember and decided on my pig and seal instead this time around. But it is one of my main animals although it isn't my super main animal. Anyways that doesn't matter because it is the thought that counts:) 


Wild Weekend:
Yesterday we were given this week's new wild weekend, which is book themed.

Here are the items:

So many books! School isn't just about books yeah know AJ? Stop reminding me about school, I only have a few weeks left and don't need to be reminded. Thanks!!!!

So I decided that as of today my birthday party will be next Tuesday. The date may be subject to change but as of now that is the date. I was wondering what time would work best for you guys. You can give a specific time you are most likely available, or what time of day. I am aiming sometime in the evening or mid-late afternoon. But make sure to let me know in the comments or else I am just gonna pick a time and hope y'all can make it!!

Plushie Challenge Sign Up Reminders:
So once again, just a reminder to sign up for the plushie challenge. I still have only one entry and would like to get atleast 3 or more.. I was hoping to have all the entries by today but that didn't happen cause usually stuff like that never happens.. Anyways the challenge won't officially start until I get all the entries. I was hoping to do this all of August so it wouldn't interfere with school but at this rate it will probably happen in September or late August... Sighs...

Here is the link for more information:

Try to sign up on that post following the correct entry form:):)

I'd really appreciate it if you guys entered!!

LPOTM Sign Ups:
It is once again time to sign up to be LPOTM!!
If you would like to enter please do!! I have noticed a few new readers recently so that would be nice if you entered!

Here is the required information:
- Username
- Favourite animal of yours on AJ
- Favourite pet of yours on AJ
- Why you would like to be legendary palooza of the month for August

*if you are nominating someone,  it must be someone who reads the blog!!*
Thats all for today jammers!!
See you soon!!
- Violet 
(who still needs to make a signature even though she said she would make one a few days ago..)


  1. I hope you have a nice birthday.
    I'll most likely do the plushie challenge.

  2. Nice to see a post. Wow, there's quite a bit in there. I love your answers to sarahkey8's tag, they're very fun and entertaining to read. And wow, that's a lot of pets.

    1. Thanks, and thanks. Yes it is a lot of petsXD


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