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Monday, August 6, 2018

Art Commissions for Transions

- Daily Item
- Transions Art Commissions
- Fan Art
- Plushie Challenge and LPOTM sign ups
Hey jammers!!
How are you guys today?
Well, today I was able to finish a drawing, finish rereading the scorch trials which I probably could have yesterday but fell asleep... XD, I worked on a dream catcher, painted my teddy bear that i made out of clay at the beginning of the summer, just need to do touch ups, wrote a post on my personal blog and then I started to write another story. So today was a pretty productive day. Which I guess is good.

**Also, I finally fixed the top page header, I changed it a bit though, the only thing is the home button doesn't work properly so um... i'll change that when I have nothing to doXD, let me know how you guys like it!  Also my birthday is next Tuesday so, I am trying to figure out a date for a party on AJ which reminds I should make a contest. *makes note to self* so if you guys could comment down days you would be available or most likely available please let me know in the comments, as it would be much appreciated!!**

Daily Item:
Today we have the rare egyptian hat sold in epic wonders for 2250 gems!!
Whoo, this is expensive. I know it's epic wonders but, who would spend that much on a rim?

Here is what it looks like on a pig:
It actually seems to fit it well....

I could literally be doing RIM redo right now and an edit... Ooooh its been so long, but i have other things to tackle in this post so I can't:(
Art Commissions- Transions:
Here are your art commissions that you requested for since you won the giveaway!
They would have been here yesterday or Saturday but I didn't get the chance to post. Here they are now. I hope everything is the way you wanted :D If not I apologize.

I tried to do some shading on this head shot, though it didn't turn out exactly how I wanted it to be, with the shading since I am not very good with digital shading.

Hand Drawn:
I hope this look is okay! I wasn't really sure what style to do so I just kinda did similar to AJ style but not similar if you know what I mean?

I hope you enjoy your commissions Transions! 

If any of you want some commissions feel free to check out the commission page!!

Fan Art:
My buddy Q, from the animal jam lake blog, made me this masterpiece!!
Thanks so much Q! I like it a lot :)

Plushie Challenge:
Just a reminder to sign up for the plushie challenge! I hoping to get atleast 3 contestants. I would like to start it next Monday at the latest, because its already 6 days into August, so if you guys could try have your sign up in by Friday that would be appreciated. Also if you plan on entering please let me know below!!
For more details on this event, you can click this link:

Please try to enter on that post as well because there is a comment form you need to follow!

LPOTM Sign Ups:
Once again paloozians, it is that time of the month, to enter to be Legendary Paloozian of the month for August!!

If you would like to enter please comment down the following...
- Username
- Favourite animal of yours on AJ
- Favourite pet of yours on AJ
- Why you would like to be LPOTM

If you are nominating someone it must be someone who reads this blog!

Im hoping that I get someone entering this time. Every time it gets harder and harder to choose a LPOTM because I have chosen all the readers that I know of!

Even if you don't have a google account you can still enter by commenting as anonymous.

That's all for today jammers!
See you soon!!

*Insert's quote that I have been forgetting to do...*
"Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn"
- Violet

(Still working on that signature don't yeah worry it should be here next post for sure... hopefully...)


  1. Nice art!! I like the colors. ^_^

    Awww that’s sweet of Q to give you fanart!

    I like the quote you made. :0

    1. Yeah, Q seems like a pretty cool person.

    2. Thanks Lost! Yes it is very cool. I didn’t make the quote, I found it online XD Yes, Q is very coolXD

  2. This is so cool!! Thank you so much!!

  3. Happy birthday! Your home button works fine for me, and if you ever need to get home you can just click the header.

    OHHHH MY GOODNESS THAT DRAWING IN REAL LIFE IS AMAZING, I mean the other one's good, but wow, you're really talented.

    Ayyy... Nice quote.

    1. Thanks! Thank you, For the compliment I wouldn’t say I’m super talented at art and drawing but it is one of my favourite hobbies so thank you:) Thanks again, the quote isn’t mine thiughXD

  4. Om the one IRL IS JUST AMAZING VI!!


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