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Sunday, July 1, 2018

Apparently I am famous?

- Being famous???
- Howl of the week
Hey jammers!
HAPPY CANADA DAY!! (to those canadians.... like me:))
It is me back again!!! I forgot to mention when I posted the other day that I lost like 5 marks on a project because a hole wasn't deep enough. Hmmmm, its been in the thirties these past few days and boy is it super hot. I spent like 5 hours in the sun yesterday and then a few today and then tomorrow will be lots more hours in the heat to. The humid is in the 40's. I did a few other things. I know ive only had like one week of summer vacation so far, but I haven't really even done anything much that I have wanted. But I mean I did get off early which is great:D 

Just gonna skip the daily item today because my Internet is being a bit slow  and I am running out of patience..... 

Anyways so the other day I was in jamaa and a jammer had arrived in my den....
This is the conversation:

So apparently I guess I am famous, though last time I checked I am notXD I think I actually did receive a jam a gram from this jammer before and posted on here.
Thanks for the compliments Rivont. I am very happy to have met a fan. If you read this post make sure to let me know somehow XD 

Howl of the week:
Last time I asked...
What is your opinion on the ancient features coming to the game, for example the ancient animals?....

The howl chosen was from Sarahkey8 here is what she had to say...
I don't really know, its cool and weird!

For next week's howl I ask....
Are you happy that the wild weekends are back? What would change about the item/feature designs that it is bringing?

Make sure to comment down your thoughts in the comments below!!

Little bit of important information:
- Today is the last day to enter the contests and stuff!! I have received a few entries, thanks to those few people who have entered, I appreciate it a lot, I think I will be announcing the winners later this week probably on wednesday, so you have until wednesday at 3:00pm EST to submit!
- Also don't forget to enter on the polls, only enter once if you haven't yet

Thats all for today jammers!!
I will see you soon:)
I will be off to watching youtube for a bit before my family and I go to watch Fireworks!!

"Not everything in life is perfect"
(Haven't seen this signature in a while... hey?)


  1. WOO VI IS FAMOUS!!! XDD (Thats really cool how somebody recognized you from your blog!!)

    Are you happy that the wild weekends are back? What would change about the item/feature designs that it is bringing?

    no spikes. no spikes. and no spikes.

    1. Yup, super famous XD Thank you, I like the new layout t aswell.


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