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Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Blog Stuff, Drawing and Tag

Hey jammers!
Going out of the normal posting theme once again... Whoops! Well I wanted to post but it just took me forever to work on the blog's template which I am basically done, it just needs a few minor touch ups. Anyways, so friday after my geography exam I was lucky enough that I was able to finish my treasure chest in tech. Though it is more just a wooden chest cause the top isn't treasure chest like. Its a bit off center so I have edit it a bit the next time my dad isn't home. So with that in mind, I didn't have to come back to school on monday or tuesday to finish it. So... Summer break officially started for me Friday afternoon which is great:D I also went to a dollar store that has so much, I wanna do a shopping spree there one day. They  had dream catcher making kits. I also weeded a lot this week and watched Love Simon which was really good. The actor who plays simon is really cute and I he might of been added to my crush list.... Then after my sister and I watched the first twilight movie again and I got to see my boy Edward:D Which means there is 4 more movies of Edward that I get to see before summer is done. Hopefully before the end of the July!! Isn't that just great guys...

Okay enough rambling about life... 

This is basically an update post for the blog. So if you just skipped my intro, I was working on changing the blog's template.Which I basically did. Though I am not sure if I should keep the the page icon that I had created or use the one that comes with the template so the one below. I asked a few of my buddy's on AJ and they said to keep the one I made so. Comment down below which one you think  I should keep!! (also I hope the background isn't a background an aj blogger is using right now. If so I am dearly sorry)

Next up, the polls have been changed so that they actually work now. So make sure to vote on those again. Please only vote ONCE!

Also, there is just a few more days to enter the contests and giveaway. So far we have only gotten 2 entries so it would make my day if you guys entered at least 1. I don't think I will extend the date further cause basically about 2 and half months were given so yeah....

I feel like there is more to mention but I am not sure... oh well if I have forgotten anything then, I will post it later.

Also here was some requested art that I asked for from Kara:
Its suppose to be based off my pig. 

Thank you so much Kara!!! I love it like always:) 

Lastly, I have a tag, that I was tagged to do probably a bout a month a go or so, that I either forgot to do or didn't have time to do!
1. How many animals do you have on AJ?

2. Direwolves or sabertooths?
Hmmmmmm. Im actually not sure about this one. I kinda like them both.
So as of today I am gonna say its a tie. I also haven't gotten a direwolf so I haven't really expierenced much with them. Not that having a direwolf matters with this question but still.

3. Whats your favourite AJ soundtrack?
Hmmmmmmmmm. There is one that I do really like, but I am not sure the name of it. I think it may be from a party in AJ though. 

4. Whats your favourite blogger meme?
Gonna have to say....

5. Seals or Penguins?
I think we all know the answer to this one....
Ill let you guys think on this for a minute....

SEALS!!!!! You guys guessed right:D

Well, that's all there is for this tag. Thank you for tagging me whoever that was! Thank you for making this tag also, whoever that was!

I tag, any blogger who hasn't done this tag yet!!

Thats all for today jammers!!
See ya soon!!
- Violet


  1. Sorry I haven't commented in a while– but oh my gosh, I love your header! I've seen that graphic before and it's one of my favorites. The way you're using it really goes alongside your background, which is also beautiful. ^-^

    And that is some beautiful art! It makes me realize that it's been an eternity since I've drawn anything AJ-related. Maybe this can be the summer where I start :D


    1. No worries Doomy, all is good!! Thank you so much for the feedback:D Ive been meaning to draw more AJ stuff... though that probably won't happen much XD

  2. The font change is the so different... I like it though.


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