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Friday, June 15, 2018

Sabertooth and Dire Wolf Items+ Junes Paloozian

- Daily Item
- LPOTM for June
- Sabertooth and Direwolf Items
Hey jammers!
How are you all today? I was actually gonna make a post on sunday was it? But I kinda ran out of time so yeah.... that did not get posted. I have exams next week and I need to study a lot for them. But it should  be quicker to study because I have memorized the stuff previously so it should be easier to memorize now right? I haven't worked on my treasure chest yet this week in tech... so I have basically 3 days.... um yeah and I need to focus on my gum ball machine. Ill probably come in on the exam day to work on it XD Also your probably wondering why I am on the computer when I should be studying for the exams, since its science and geography. I probably will regret this but yeah. I want some free time and inplus I do need a break when studying so yeah :D Also you do get a post so I wouldn't complain. 
Also 5sos's new album got released today :D There is a lot of bops. I like it. Though it's not their usual toon which is a little sad but, thats alright. 

Daily Item:
Today we the returning tall tiki table sold in jam mart furniture for 400 gems!!
This is always a nice item. The good thing also is that it is cheap. It also works good for a stand for quite a few items. If you want a plushie den, or museum or something you could scatter these all around actually:D It would actually be a nice display
June's Legendary Paloozian of The Month:

This month's paloozian is....

Congratulations Q!!! 
Sabertooth and DireWolf Items:
So, I know yall have probably seen this stuff already but I thought I would post it anyways.
So without further ado, here is the items!

First up we have these adorable hats!
I must admit these are a bit expensive but.... What can I say?
They are also very cute!!

Then we have the plaques.
Once again quite expensive... but cool looking :D

Like look at their faces. How could anyone resist these little guys?
They are also 500 gems which is a bit expensive for a plushie. But honestly how can you resist? Plus different colours give different effects. I want to get all the colours of these but I don't have enough gems. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh.

500 gems. Reasonable.

More banners...
Oooh 450 gems!! These are kinda like the old style AJ banners. 

Then we finally have these two tree topiary!!

400 gems! What a deal!!

I'd love to get all these items. Hopefully I don't run out of time though... Ahhhhh. I need one of each please. I know it will probably cost around 10 000 gems or more but um.... I can spend a few hours straight playing games to earn gems XD 

If anyone knows how long these items are in jamaa for, I would love to know.
Thats all for today jammers!
See ya soon:D

"Every ending has a new beginning"


  1. Great post! Lol, thanks for everything! Lol, exams, how'd that go? I had them too...

    1. Thanks and your welcome:D I haven’t had them, they are this week near the end... how’d yours go?

    (like Newt :))

    1. IKR???? I’m afraid I won’t have enough time to buy themDX Ah yes, just like Newt:)


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