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Thursday, May 17, 2018

Time for a Jamaa Derby Spotlight

- Daily Item
- Jamaa Spotlight
- Animal memes
Hey jammers!
I am back with a post today... On A THURSDAY? That actually isn;'t a jamaa journal day? Like when was actually the last time that has happened?
Okay, it was kinda like in 2017, since i posted gifs. But thats okay:)
Hmmm, in tech we are making a speaker and we are suppose to drill holes and the holes have to be aligned except after I finished the middle piece i realized that my holes weren't aligned..... so I may I have to redo that piece, and that piece had the most work. Hopefully if I can't get the pieces aligned my teacher can solve the problem.... Yeah... 

Anyways lets get on with the post shall we?
Daily Item:
Don't actually know if this is the new item but, anyways, we have the fancy shoes sold in jam mart clothing for 650 gems!
These kinda remind me of the older style tap shoes.

Here is what they look like on pigs:

Jamaa Spotlight- Jamaa Derby:
Also to add onto what I was saying earlier, there hasn't been a post on thursday in awhile probably because I have a science quiz usually on friday so, I have to study on thursdays!

Anyways, for this week's jamaa spotlight,  I thought to do it on a game. The game you can probably already tell what it is, because of the title of this section. Anyways....
The game you will be learning about in this post is....
(image not mine)
(because sometimes I am not a smart human being, this information will be coming from AJ wiki so credits to them!)

- You can play with up to 6 players
- the game has a normal and pro mode, but you will need to unlock the promode
- You can have access to it in Jamaa Township
- Rewards, holdable icon and gems
- First place, gets the most gems the lower place you get the lesser amount of gems you get.
- Very similar to splash and dash

There you have it! Most of those are probably obvious but, its good information for those of you who read this and are new jammers!!

Animal Memes:
Now to finsih this post off... I am going to post 2 animal memes.
(from bored panda)

From Lifebuzz.

Ahh, don't you all just love animal memes and gifs?
I mean if you dont.. what are you doing with your life XDD

Isn't that otter one just so funny, and the dog one? XD <3
Thats all for today jammers! 
I will see you soon! (Ill try to post atleast 2-4 times within my weekend since I have 4 days off, although I will have to spend part of my sunday and monday portion of the break studying and memorizing unfortunately...:'(, though atleast we don't have a unit test for electricity with is always nice right? Cause exams will be so close. Oh well) 



    oh my..

  2. The fancy tap shoes aren't new, because I stocked up on them before they left stores XD But glad they're back, they make a lot fancy looks better.

    Jamaa Derby! I remember that I did that a few times when I first started AJ, but hmm I don't do mini games a lot. I should do them more often!

    THOSE MEMES!!! (The otter one was ON POINT 👌)

  3. I've had a question about Jamaa Derby for awhile, and I was wondering if you could answer it. Can clydesdale horses play?

    I'd probably be able to find out just by logging on and trying it out but I'm too lazy XD

    Great post as always, and I really like that otter :3


    1. You know, that’s actually a good question, I don’t know! Thanks and me tooXD

  4. Lol, cute! Hey, Jamaa Derby was where I got all my gems when I started out, best game ever.


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