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Sunday, May 13, 2018

May's Legendary Paloozian! (Plus, some blog updates and jamaa journal)

- Blog News
- LPOTM for May
- Jamaa Journal Update
Hey jammers!
Sorry for not being on here much this past week. I have been kinda busy with school and life and this week I have a geography test, week after I have a science test. Then hopefully it will calm down my school work for a few weeks. Then probably 2 tests again... then EXAMS!! But then when exams are done, that means... 2 MONTHS OF SUMMER!!! WOO HOO!! But then after that, it means more school. But let's think on the positive side.
Anyways, I'd talk more but I am kinda running out of time, cause I have to have a shower and take a sitz bath and drink 4 cups of water after so thats fun:) (jk, its not XD) 

Okay so let's get onto today's post!
Blog News:
This isn't really to important, but I have added a few new polls, to vote on so be sure to do that. I also extended the due date for the contests so now you have about a month and a half to enter. Honestly, I hope more people enter cause I gave plenty of time for entries to happen and I only got 2.... If not many people enter after this, I am not sure I will extend the due date any longer... 
So yeah! I hope you guys do both the things!!

May's Legendary Paloozian Of The Month:
This months Paloozian is....
Congrats Cookies!! I hope you enjoy being featured on this blog all month!

Also side note: Sorry for not hosting entries for this month, its already almost half way through the month so I didn't feel the want of hosting sign ups this time. Im also not sure if anyone would have entered so yeah:) But don't worry!! There is always next month!

Jamaa Journal Update:
I know this update came on  Thursday, but I have been meaning to post it. It's a little late but thats okay. (probably wont be talking about it much because I want to watch youtube ASAP)
THE ANIMAL WAS SOME TYPE OF CANINE... I WAS RIGHT.. Mwuahahah XD But Doomy's prediction was right! The new animal is dire wolves. I wonder what they will look like... Hmmmmm.

Peck's den is back.

Diamond encrusted armour is back.  As well we also have origami den items. I must admit thats a pretty cool idea.

Videos are back. 

Hardmode in trials of zios. New frame for masterpieces.

Summer Carnival is coming soon!

I rate this update a 8/10.
Thats all for today jammers!
See ya soon! 


  1. Congrats Cookies!!! :D


  2. YAYAYAY I was featured! :D

    and who else is SO excited for the Summer Carnival? It's an absolute favorite of mine, because

    1) It's awesome! Cool games and prizes! + cotton candy :o

    2) I started AJ at the time with my friend Sweets, and it always brings back so many memories :')

    So yeah, I can't wait for summer, too! I'll probably be having a lot of fun eating icecream and hanging out with friends. Hope you have a great summer as well!


  3. Congrats Cookes :O (sorry this is late Vi DX) Diamond Encrusted armor is one of my favorite, I wish they made it all nm though!


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