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Sunday, January 7, 2018

Reacting to unreleased items in the winter palace

- Daily item
- Reacting to unreleased items...
-LPOTM sign ups
Hey jammers!
Tomorrow I go back to school sadly:( Uuuuuugggghhhhhh, I hope the rest of this semester is easier.
I was on my aj insta this morning, going through old posts of mine and deleting a few and I realized I had so many good aj outfits that I totally forgot about. Apparently I have a super rare pet on chicken smoothie too! Ummmmm this intro is small.... Hmmm oh yeah, my mom and brother went to toys r us lastnight and they texted me messages of the aj toys they had so I could choose which ones to get. So they only had one toy which was the light up ring animal toys and I didn't want that so. Apparently they are suppose to get another shipment in a couple weeks so I will have to go back and check. They never have them when i want them I swear.

Daily Item:
Today we have the returning parka sold in jam mart clothing for 450 gems!
I always really liked this item. Its very stylish and realistic, and WARM!
Plus its a decent price so who can't complain.

Here is what it looks like on a bunny:
You can't really tell cause of the scarf... But yeah.

Violet Reacts To Unreleased Items in the winter palace:
I was trying to think of something to post about today for the free post so I decided to go to the winter palace and find the hidden item you could buy. When I was almost done searching I had to go but then I thought. Why not react to a few of the unreleased items in the den! Since there is always a few. Im not sure if some of these have been released or not but I only did a few. Cause let's be real here who really spends all there time on aj looking at den items? Cause I sure do not XD

Okay so, this is actually really cute and I want it:D
AJ please release this soon if you haven't secretly yet...

Snow Cone Machine:
Unfortunately this machine doesn't allow you to get a snowcone but I think it would be an excellent addition. I would totally buy it and then someone could have a carnival in their own den! :O WHAT IF YOU COULD BUY GAMES FROM THE SUMMER CARNIVAL??? That would be sick!! 

Wolf monument/statue:
This is really cool, I bet it would look even cooler though if it didn't have snow on it.
Oh well. Hopefully it gets released soon, with other animals!!

Not sure if this has been released yet or not but...
It looks really pretty. A lot of the plants on AJ are real nice I should start getting more.

So yeah, there was my reacting to these items I guess you could call it??
Hope you enjoyed that! What do you think of those items?

Okay time is ticking to sign up for this. So far no one has signed up yet or nominating. You can do this until wednesday the 10th. Once again here is the required info:
- Username
- Fav aj pet of yours 
- Fav aj animal of yours
- Why you would like to be LPOTM

*If you are nominating someone it must be someone who reads this blog*

Okay hope to see some entries sooooooon:)

Howl of the week:
Last time I asked..
Who do you look up to the most in AJ and why?

The howl I chose is from sarahkey8, here is what she said:
All the bloggers because they are just strictly amazing! :D
(heheh, thanks Sarah;))

For next week's howl I ask...
What do you think 2018 will bring in Animal Jam?
Thats all for today jammers!
See ya soon:) School is starting again which will mean less posts again:( But who knows.... I mean in english we can't really have much homework either way but then theres the other subjects but it shouldn't be to heavy on homework. But who knows we will see:)

1 comment:

  1. I actually have no ideas on what will happen in 2018..


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