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Wednesday, January 3, 2018

My Two Latest Drawings

- Daily Item
- My two latest  AJ drawings
- Guess That
-LPOTM sign ups
Hey jammers!
Welcome back to another post on the AJLP.
(Hmm I don't really ever say that but whateverXD)
My cold is getting a bit better everyday. Sadly though my nose is still pretty stuffy though but it is clearer than yesterday so I can't really complain can I?
Anyways... There also probably won't be a post tomorrow. May also be getting some more AJ toys tomorrow so, woo hoo! My christmas break is coming to end I have to go back to school on monday and I still have a bit of homework to do. Some in which includes a project that my friend and I still need to work on since we werent able to do it yesterday cause I am a bit sick right now sooo. It was really worse on monday. 

Anyways let's hop into this post shall we?

Daily Item:
Today we have the beaded necklace sold in jam mart clothing for 450 gems!
This is a very nice item. I wish it was nonmember though. It does have a fairly good price, so who can't complain about that? XD

Here it is on a bunny:
Its kinda hard to tell but you know whatever:P
Violet's Drawings (My latest two AJ drawings):
WOAH I actually just realized its been so long since I posted on a Wednesday last. Oh well, guess school gets in the way on wednesdays and also dance:) ( I mean dance is fine cause I like dance but homework is not nice)
Anyways, this post was actually suppose to be made way back in Decemeber. I thought I did make a post but I didn't sooooo. I recently made two AJ drawings, one of my bunny with its old outfit and the other was my penguin with it's current outfit. I decided to take a few pictures of the process kinda.

Let's start off with the bunny:
Above is the outline.

This is the bunny coloured in.

But we can't forget the digital art version...

Next we have the penguin!
This is the outline of the penguin.

This is the penguin coloured in.

Once again let's not forget the penguin digital version...

(Sorry its's on its side)

Comment down which you like best and why!
Guess That:

Okay because this post is getting long, this guess that will be short. 

Anyways so you have to guess the name of one of my cat's! 
(I have mentioned this to some of the bloggers sooooo)

Can't wait to see the guesses:)

LPOTM Sign Ups:
Thats right it is time to sign up!
All you need to comment down the following is...
- Username
- Fav aj pet of yours
- Fav aj animal of yours
- why you would like to be LPOTM

*if you are nominating someone, it has to be someone who reads this blog*
Thats all for today jammers!
See ya around Jamaa!!


  1. Hope you and your family feel better soon Vi! :D

    That art is AMAZING :O

  2. LOVE THE ART!!!!!

    Ooooohhhh I feel like I know one of your cats names but I can’t quite remember. DX


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