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Tuesday, January 2, 2018


Hey jammers!
This post is a bit different than usual. You can probably tell cause it isn't in its normal format eitherXD Anyways, instead of doing a normal post today with all the topics required and adding this additional stuff at the end. I thought I could just post about it now because it will take up a whole post. And if you are wondering... No I do not plan on quitting this year, but you never know what will occur. Just needed to point that out:)

Anyways, so this year I thought it would be cool to add/change a few things with this blog. 
First up, before I forget... I finally finished that story I was working on called the transformation. I kinda rushed the ending but whatever, be sure to go check it out. Don't forget you can also submit your own AJ fanfictions to it as well.

Secondly, I have updated the art commission page so feel free to request some art!!

Here is where the updates get most important....
Okay so for 2018, I thought it would be nice if we had some blog goals.
Okay, here is the list!! Itd be nice if we could try to accomplish all of them, or most of them at least.

- Reach 125000-150000 pageviews
- Get 5-15 new readers on this blog, that view it often
- Have more contests and possibly parties
- Interact with readers more
- Reach 900+ posts
- Reach 2500+ comments
- Achieve, 55+ blog followers
- Have more interesting content?

I know thats a lot of goals, but its better to have more none!

Okay and now we have a...

Okay so there isn't really new segments on this schedule, I kinda just wanted to bring back some old ones, that i really enjoyed. I don't know really know how long this schedule will last but we will see. Also I may not do all the segments on that day depending how I feel kinda like I do now... Also some of it is the same days sooo YAY!

Anyways so without further ado here is the new schedule...
Monday: Rim Redo, Edits, Mini Challenge
Tuesday: Tips and Tricks/How tos, Jammer Outfit Ideas/den ideas, Discussions
Wednesday: Free Post, Guess That
Thursday: Jamaa Journal (everyother week), Animal Gifs/Memes, Interesting things in Jamaa
Friday: Mini challenge, fun facts, Violet's Drawing
Saturday: Weekly Masterpiece, Jamaa News (if no Jamaa news)
Sunday: Free Post, Howl of the week

If you have any questions about the schedule feel free to comment them down below!

Also will be putting up an info thing with ways you can submit stuff for.

So yeah...

Before I end this post just wanted to say thank you for an amazing AJ 2017!
Although on my behalf IRL, it was okay.... But we won't get into that.
Hoping 2018 will be much better!!

Also my whole family is seriously sick right now... It started with my dad having a cough which he still does but its not as bad. Then my mom got it and now shes sick, then I got it and I am sick now, and then my brother got it, the stuffy nose part to it, and my sister is starting to get it. Trust me it sucks and you sometimes feel like poop with it soooo:) Yesterday my nose was stuffy/runny, I had a really bad sore throat/cough and yeah. Its a bit better today though. So I guess thats good.

Thats all for today jammers!
See ya soon...:)

- Violet

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- Violet


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